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Welcome to Bradway Primary

Our school value this half term (Summer 1) is co-operation  .

Welcome to Bradway Primary School. I have been Headteacher at this school since 2002 and during that time there have been many changes in education. Through all these changes we have held true to two basic beliefs and principles about what makes a good school and a good learner. Firstly, our school motto, 'Learning Through Enjoyment' highlights the importance that we place on ensuring that Bradway Primary school is a happy place to be and that the content of the curriculum is stimulating, relevant and engaging for our pupils. Our success in achieving this culture in school is supported by the fact that in our last three inspections Ofsted have particularly commented on the quality of our curriculum. (Read More)

Paul Stockley
Posted on
Apr 2016

Art Exhibition at Ponds Forge

Today Mrs Smith with plenty of adult helper took 29 children to see their art exhibited at the Sheffield Young Artist of the Year Exhibition at Ponds Forge. Well done to all the children for their impeccable behaviour and their fantastic artwork. 

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Posted on
Apr 2016

Calling all Dads and Grandads!

Friends Of Bradway Primary School (FOBPS) are after more
fathers and grandfathers to get involved in their work supporting the aims of the school and have issued the following challenge to the male community of Bradway! 

We would really like to encourage some Dads and Granddads to get involved with FOBPS.
We're not very good at being gender neutral. The events that seem to get you guys involved, are the things we do relating to the school grounds and anything with a bit of competition. To cut a long story short, you seem to prefer to eat the cakes rather than bake them!
So we've put our thinking caps on and we have a project for you..............
Next school year, Bradway Primary is focusing on outdoor learning and your mission, should you choose to accept it is to help them create a School Allotment.
Space has been earmarked and we need some willing hands to help clear the land and prepare the beds so that the children can learn to grow their own food.
They will also need some help to look after their plants during school holidays and at weekends so we're also looking for people to volunteer to be on a rota to offer ongoing support.
If there are any Dads or Grandads who fancy getting their hands dirty, being outside constructing things and helping their kids and the school into the bargain (or any wives or partners who would like to volunteer their other half for that matter!); we'd really like some help please.
Obviously, Mums and Grannies are welcome to volunteer too but it would be great to give the boys a chance to get a look in first for once!
You can volunteer in a number of ways; by:

* Emailing bradwayfriends@hotmail.com<mailto:bradwayfriends@hotmail.com>

* Commenting on the FOBPS Blog on the School website http://www.bradwayprimary.co.uk/friendsofbradway

* Messaging the FOBPS Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/Friends-of-Bradway-Primary-School-137052269763676/ (search Friends of Bradway Primary School)

* Speaking to your FOBPS Year Group Reps
FS2 Eniko Walker/Caley Cox
Y1 Deborah Thompson/Lucy Gray
Y2 Eniko Walker/Sarah Sleaford
Y3 Karen Ellis/Jen Turner
Y4 Paula Dickson/Caley Cox
Y5 Dominique Crookes/Vicky Grafton

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Posted on
Apr 2016

Amazing Attendance

Congratulations to Mrs Wales & Mrs Siggs'  class in KS1 and Mrs Heap's class in KS2. They have both been awarded the half termly star attendance trophy for the best attendance percentages. Mrs Heap's class achieved an amazing 96.6% and Mrs Wales & Mrs Siggs' class 98%. Our school target is 96.5 % .
Mrs Heap was overwhelmed with her award as it was the first time she had won it in eleven years! She gave a very moving acceptance speech and has displayed her award at the front of her classroom. Mrs Wales and Mrs Siggs are getting quite used to having the trophy in their classroom as they won it last half term too :-) 
Each half term we have an assembly to celebrate and award the winning class with our special attendance trophies. Check your child's classroom door to find out their actual percentage - these are updated half termly and the winning classes also get a gold star on their class door too.
There is a special display in the hall to celebrate the class with the highest percentage and also to educate pupils on the importance of attending school when well enough to do so.
Keep up the great work and let's see if we can get an even higher percentage this half term.


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Posted on
Apr 2016

The new roof and other developments at Bradway

Bradway Primary School has been selected to receive a new roof as part of the Local Authority long term plans to improve the condition of school buildings.
We are very pleased and fortunate to be having such a significant investment in our school buildings during this period of austerity but it may cause some inconvenience! 
We have managed to maintain the current school access arrangements for parents but you will find that the route into the infant playground has been altered and some of the access routes are narrower than before because of the scaffolding. Also there is a great deal of scaffolding all around the building and some classroom entrances have boarding around them as a safety precaution. Furthermore part of the infant playground is now a carpark!
As you know we have always asked you to avoid bringing your cars down Bradway Drive. With all this work and even less space for parking, it will be more important than ever to keep access clear and we would appreciate your support.
Thank you!


Over the holidays we have also had some new equipment installed in the junior playground with rubberised surfacing (below). Thanks to the School Council for raising the money for this and to Friends Of Bradway Primary School (FOBPS) for giving us the extra money needed for rubber surfacing.

In addition we have had some extra drainage and edging put in to the side of the infant playground to reduce the mud. The flowers are looking beautiful in our containers (below)

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Just wanted to congratulate the school and all those involved on yesterday's enterprise event.  It was a fantastic opportunity to raise funds whilst engaging the whole school in the initiative. Great to see such good ideas and some budding sales, marketing and advertising stars of the future! All the children seemed to be involved and enjoying themselves - I met some very persuasive sales teams and was impressed by the level of enthusiasm from staff and pupils alike.

My son has been excited about this all week, being very proud of his contribution and it was a pleasure to attend it with him. "
- parent