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Welcome to Bradway Primary

Welcome to Bradway Primary School. I have been Headteacher at this school since 2002 and during that time there have been many changes in education. Through all these changes we have held true to two basic beliefs and principles about what makes a good school and a good learner. Firstly, our school motto, 'Learning Through Enjoyment' highlights the importance we place on ensuring that Bradway Primary school is a happy place to be and that the content of the curriculum is stimulating, relevant and engaging for our pupils.

Our success in achieving this culture in school is supported by the fact that in our last three inspections we have been rated as 'outstanding' for our curriculum by Ofsted. (Read More)

Paul Stockley
Posted on
Oct 2014

Solar canopy near completion!

Some people may have been wondering why the solar shelter is still taped off and unused. The reason is that, due to delays in its installation over the summer, we were unable to complete the project at the time. Although the shelter is now generating electricity, it is not providing shelter! 
Over the half term break a new synthetic grass surface will be installed together with a drainage system for this marshy part of the field. In addition we hope to have a weather station fitted on to the structure by the end of the holiday. The climbing frame, which is probably as old as the school, (1969) will be removed to make more space for children to sit and socialise at break times and for parents to use before and after school.
Please see below some pictures of the shelter when it was under construction. 

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Posted on
Oct 2014

Parental Workshop - October 2014

Dear parents and carers.

First of all, can we say a big thank you to everyone who was able to make our school workshop on Tuesday night?  It was lovely to see so many new and familiar faces and we hope it proved to be an informative and useful evening.  If you were unable to make the workshop, please find a brief summary below.

During the first half of the evening, we held an information session in the hall, looking at Maths Whizz and the new assessment system.  The following areas were discussed:

Maths Whizz

  • An overview of Maths Whizz 
  • How to use Maths Whizz at home
  • The benefits of using Maths Whizz regularly
  • How Maths Whizz is being used in school
  • Question and answer session

If you don’t yet have your child’s login details or you are having problems accessing Maths Whizz, please let your child’s class teacher know. Please note that there is now an app called Puffin Academy, which can be used to make Maths Whizz accessible on ipads and other tablets.


  • Why we are introducing a new assessment system
  • The children that will be affected this year (Y1,Y3,Y4 & Y5) 
  • The children that will be affected next year (Y2 & Y6)
  • The new 'steps' system that will replace 'levels'
  • How we will report your child's achievement to you
  • Question and answer session

A guide for parents and carers will be emailed out to you, explaining the changes to the assessment system.  If you are not already on our emailing list, please let us know your preferred email address.  Alternatively, you may pop into the office and ask for a paper copy.  

Following the session in the hall, parents and carers went to their child's classroom for information about how we are teaching spellings in school.  We have uploaded a spelling guide for parents, which can be found by clicking KS1 or KS2.

As always, should you have any further questions or need clarification, please feel free to make an appointment to see your class teacher or a member of our leadership team.

Thanks once again; we’re looking forward to seeing you soon.

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Posted on
Oct 2014

Fantastic Footballers!

What a night.  The girls football team excelled themselves last night. The school hosted one of the rounds of the English Schools Football Association, the girls managed to win both of their matches quite convincingly.  It was a fantastic team performance.  We are now looking forward to playing at Sheffield United Academy in the final round.

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Posted on
Sep 2014

Reading Bear needs a friend

May we introduce Reading Bear!

To help encourage our children to read every day, a Reading Bear will be given to all children, up to and including Year 3, who finish their Reading Records. These bookets are used to record reading which takes place with an adult at home and at school. Research shows that regular reading with an adult has a profound impact on children's ability to read, and is one of the most important homework activities that a parent can do with their child. The ability to read is, in itself, a strong predictor of success in school and in many ways it is the gateway to learning. So let's get reading everybody, and give those bears a new life outside Mr Stockley's office, and a new home. They're waiting for you!

In Years 4 to 6 children who finish their Reading Records receive one of our school bookmarks with a wide range of unusual hair colours to choose from!

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