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Headteacher's Letter

Welcome to Bradway Primary School. I have been Headteacher at this school since 2002 and during that time there have been many changes in education. Through all these changes we have held true to two basic beliefs and principles about what makes a good school and a good learner. Firstly, our school motto, 'Learning Through Enjoyment' highlights the importance that we place on ensuring that Bradway Primary school is a happy place to be and that the content of the curriculum is stimulating, relevant and engaging for our pupils. Our success in achieving this culture in school is supported by the fact that in our last four inspections Ofsted have particularly commented on the quality of our curriculum.

Secondly we believe that 'everyone is good at something'. With the ever increasing focus on English and Maths in schools it is particularly important to ensure that pupils can experience and celebrate success in other areas of their lives, especially if they find more academic subjects difficult. We aim to develop resilient, reflective and resourceful pupils who are able to cope with the challenges of life and who are able to collaborate and co-operate with other people. We provide an exceptionally broad range of clubs and activities which children can attend. Through these activities, alongside a creative and exciting curriculum, every pupil can develop confidence and find something that they are good at.

Our school values are Respect, Co-operation, Honesty, Positivity, Responsibility and Friendship.

Bradway is an innovative school where we encourage both children and adults to do things differently and to take risks with their learning. Using our wonderful outdoor facilities and a wide range of visits and special events, we help children to achieve their potential and prepare them for the future.

Paul Stockley


Please click here to access the school's latest OFSTED report:

Parent view was implemented by Ofsted in October 2011. It gives parents the chance to tell Ofsted what they think about their child’s school.

Parent View will ask for your opinion on 12 aspects of your child’s school, from the quality of teaching, to dealing with bullying and poor behaviour. It will also ask for your opinion on five aspects of their child’s welfare.

One of the examples: ‘My child is happy at this school’ and with the choice of responses:

• Strongly agree
• Agree
• Disagree
• Strongly disagree

• Don’t know

By sharing your views, you will be helping your child’s school to improve. You will also be able to see what other parents have said about your child’s school. Or, if you want to, view the results for any school in England.

So we encourage all the parents to log on to the website
http://parentview.ofsted.gov.uk/ to register and share your views of Bradway Primary School.

Thank you for your consistent support.

KS2 League Tables

Our school performance is compared with that of other schools through our SATs results and how our pupils improve during their time at the school. For our KS2 results please see below link:
Website data information 2017.docx

For further details of our school's performance over time please click here.

KS1 Phonics & Reading Scheme

is taught on a daily basis throughout Year 1 and Year 2 using the Letters and Sounds programme (which is also used in Foundation Stage).

Children take home spellings to practise on a regular basis, to reinforce their learning in phonics lessons at school. Please see our “Spelling Out Progress” for further information.

Handwriting is taught through the ‘Sheffield Structured Handwriting’ scheme, because it is very simple in its rules for letter formation and also develops a fluent, cursive style. As there is a link between progress in handwriting and early spelling skills, there is a strong focus on the teaching of handwriting in Year 1.

Children work through a graded book band scheme, using a variety of books from different reading schemes. The child’s reading book is sent home daily with their reading record book. Above all else, we would ask parents to listen to their child read on a daily basis and comment in their reading book. Every child reads with their teacher either in “Guided Reading” groups or separately at least once a week. We also appreciate the support of volunteer adults who also read with individual children each week.

Children are encouraged to write independently from an early age, using their knowledge of phonics and spelling patterns.





Our 50th anniversary

50th Anniversary

An Introduction to Bradway Primary

Selected Quotes

"My daughter started at Bradway School in September 2014. The school has been amazing, I couldn't recommend it enough. My daughter loves school, she's always excited to go in and can't wait to tell me about her day, her confidence has grown massively and she has made a lovely group of friends." - Parent