Communication and language
  • Listening to stories and anticipate key events.
  • Asking questions about what I have heard.
  • Making up my own story.
  • Extending their language.
Foundation2 Spring 1 Curriculum Topics
Personal, social and emotional
  • Taking turns.
  • Working with my peers.
  • Following the rules.
  • Manage feelings and behaviour.
  • Adapting their behaviour to different situations.
  • Having good control of my large and small scale movements
  • Behaving in a safe manner during different experiences.
  • Moving in different ways.
  • Correctly forming letters.
Story telling
  • Joining in with different stories.
  • Suggesting how a story might end.
  • Describing the main characters and events in a story.
  • Hearing the sounds to write words.
  • Trying to write a sentence.
  • Finding one more than a given number.
  • Counting to 20 and back again.
  • Adding two single digit numbers.
  • Using language more and less.
  • Being interested in identifying their own problems.
  • Exploring 3D shapes
Understanding the world
  • Being interested in different occupations.
  • Talking about past and present events in the children's lives.
  • Having a understanding of growth.
  • Showing concern for living things.
  • Looking at similarities and differences in relation to places and objects.
Expressive arts and design
  • Tapping out a simple rhythm.
  • Exploring sound and how it can be changed.
  • Building stories into play.
  • Playing with peers to act out a story.