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    Posted on
    Nov 2016

    Cross Country

    Quote of the week ".......the hill was hard but I looked up and saw the Bradway flag and did it for the school!"

    ....so thank you to everyone who gives their time and money to FOBPS, without whom it wouldn't have been possible to buy the flag which has inspired such pride and motivation!

    The Bradway flag wasn't the only thing that flew at Cross Country in Concord Park on Saturday!

    y4 girls - Annabelle Sibley 3rd, Abi Clark 4th, Emily Boudjada 14th

    y4 boys - Nathan Griffiths 71st

    y5/6 girls - Evie Birks 40th, Annie Stainthorpe 80th, Bethany Griffiths 81st

    y5/6 - Ben Lant 39th, Daryl Chaold 82nd

    If your child is interested in joining the team (lifts available!), please contact the school office for details. Some schools have 50+ runners... it's such a massive event and it would be lovely to be able to field teams (4 runners) in each category.

    Well done everyone!


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