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Nov 2018


Our P4C this week was led by Mr Stockley.

We looked at different would you rather questions and explained our answers in a group.

After watching the short clip boundin Pixar HD short film discussed different questions that we would like to explore.


Why did the man and woman take his fur off?

Why did the sheep need his fur?

Why did the moles laugh at the sheep? 


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Just wanted to congratulate the school and all those involved on yesterday's enterprise event.  It was a fantastic opportunity to raise funds whilst engaging the whole school in the initiative. Great to see such good ideas and some budding sales, marketing and advertising stars of the future! All the children seemed to be involved and enjoying themselves - I met some very persuasive sales teams and was impressed by the level of enthusiasm from staff and pupils alike.

My son has been excited about this all week, being very proud of his contribution and it was a pleasure to attend it with him. "
- parent