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Sep 2013

Meeting the mighty Heracles (Hercules)

A great end to a great week!

In Literacy today we met a new hero from the Ancient Greek myths; Heracles (or Hercules as he is often referred to in Britain).

After reading through the first myth involving him, we realised his life was never going to be straightforward. Well, with Zeus as your father and a mere mortal mother (Alcmene) it was always going to be interesting as a 'demi-god'.

After that, we read how he slayed the monstrous 'Hydra,' a 9-headed, swamp-dwelling creature. We gathered together a collection of features that are present in all Greek myths and found evidence to support this (thanks to Harvey and Lottie, your books were really useful here).

We are looking forward to hearing about Heracles' further labours and challenges next week.

Thanks again for all your hard work and have a lovely weekend.

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