Extra Curricular Activities

There are a wide range of activities that your child can take part at lunchtime or outside of school hours. Below is a full list for each day of the week.

If your child wants to take part in any of these activities they should talk to the school office. There may be a small charge for some of the activities.

Sports Twitter Feed

The weather looks like it is going to be nice for KS1 sports day this morning. We are looking forward to a morning… https://t.co/cHmLh0M0Ge
Superb Joseph. To be voted for by the rest of your team is extra special; you must be a great team player. https://t.co/mnHpd5pbXC
Brill! She’ll need to get a trophy cabinet soon ☺️ https://t.co/b4BypkjOrX
They were AMAZING indeed. Hopefully they’ll get a top 3 place in the final. https://t.co/Jfqsr0Lzrx
Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful achievement. He must be so proud, especially having raised money for c… https://t.co/HT07VidEUT
As promised, here are some photos of our brilliant athletes. We have 19 children through to the Sheffield finals wh… https://t.co/uXnCYkxUND
Another Bradway dancing superstar! Well done. We can see from your smile how proud you are 😊 https://t.co/rOS7H3DZPC
There were some amazing performances from Bradway children this afternoon, with lots qualifying for the Sheffield f… https://t.co/9X5724e7PJ
She was fantastic and should be very proud! https://t.co/ZjpPI9DUYB
A super team effort saw the Y3/4 cricket team come 3rd at their tournament yesterday and Mr Cooper was blown away b… https://t.co/jnYZNkXdOB
Wow! What an achievement. Make sure you let us know how he does at the World Champs! https://t.co/xUkwq9KSEj
He has had such a brilliant year. Congratulations Arthur. https://t.co/AGnvTNVsHL
Brilliant. What lovely weather too. We hope he's looking forward to the final. https://t.co/ysOfIKewTU
This sounds like the perfect start 👍🏻 https://t.co/SWBqfcq0M0
Here is the very talented Y3/4 football team. A 2nd place finish in their first competition as a team, making them… https://t.co/qcLQNfylA5

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@louheard He was fantastic and a great team player, willing to play in different positions. Thank you!
The Y3/4 team has an amazing day, managing to come 2nd out of the 22 teams! It is a superb achievement. Photos to f… https://t.co/pECWsxXXuU
What brilliant news. It's clear that all his hard work is paying off 👍🏻Keep it up. https://t.co/mBEKFLmt2C


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@singoutoftheark @singingpedro @SheffMusicHub We had a great time, thank you.
Fantastic Singing Surgery today learning all about music in the curriculum. Even got to sing Spring Chicken again.… https://t.co/SdLWHz8tIY
Here’s the list for next week’s rehearsals! https://t.co/VXi9WNgoAY
Rehearsal schedule for first week back after the holidays. https://t.co/VdQvxZZERr
Here is the rehearsal schedule for w/c 20th May. A hard copy is also on the blue notice board. https://t.co/08YYGv9uMf

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@lornamcwalk A song for the mums to enjoy.
Highly recommended if you are free on Saturday. https://t.co/uEjABj5wv3
The Y2/3 choir are really getting stuck into the songs for the summer concert. They have been given their song word… https://t.co/S0ouFfRYCI
Junior choir will begin again this Thursday - 18th April. See you all there!
Look out for Mrs Lucas and Mrs Hatton busy making music, should be a bigger audience later. #ClassicalSheffieldhttps://t.co/7OIO0VcUEC
You should have received a letter today to let you know that Year 2 and 3 choir will be starting again on April 25t… https://t.co/ximYkA9MXM
So proud of the choir in last night’s concert #Bradway #Meadowhead #choir https://t.co/PhqrxEhwkb
Bradway junior choir in last night’s Meadowhead Trust Concert.Amazing effort from all the children. https://t.co/1HKPppXvi1


@SHSJUNIORPE @ClassicalSheff Thank you, glad you enjoyed it.

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@emsie12345 @ClassicalSheff I enjoyed it as much as them. Thank you for your support.

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@Katieboriginals @ClassicalSheff A talented bunch.

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@lucyloo2521 @ClassicalSheff They are indeed. Thanks for the photos.