Extra Curricular Activities

There are a wide range of activities that your child can take part at lunchtime or outside of school hours. Below is a full list for each day of the week.

If your child wants to take part in any of these activities they should talk to the school office. There may be a small charge for some of the activities.

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As the summer holidays approach, some of you may be thinking about how best to stay active. How about giving this 3… https://t.co/SK8JFy0OdV
And he looks so happy to be back :) https://t.co/Wo2AykZ7yP
It's the final week before the holidays! Hopefully you can still find time to stay active. Here's a suggestion for… https://t.co/eM1S51AP3i
Tomorrow is the virtual South Yorkshire School Games. A lot of the activities are the same as our previous sporting… https://t.co/j5YDyS0OYN

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Watch GB legend Steve Cram give Lola a personal shout out here: https://t.co/aZkYFAnOPA
We are pleased to announce that Lola @Y6Bradway has won the 'Most Improved Runner' award from @MarathonKidsUK. She… https://t.co/zZXaOzjdNO

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@Greeg88 @bradwaystockley Thanks Greg :)
Bradway have been told we have won an award at this celebration! The results are announced from 12pm. Watch this sp… https://t.co/QjVstgxePG

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This has been a huge success at our school. Thank you to all the children, parents and staff who engaged with it ov… https://t.co/MWi6RPy7Lx
Very grateful for this :) https://t.co/56CwHzgMdw
A good link with @bradway_music today. Please do continue to let us know how you are staying active at home and o… https://t.co/EYBenGx78V


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@Mel36217671 @Y5Bradway @BradwaysGot @Y4Bradway Utterly stunning, April!!! Well done!!! ❤❤❤❤❤🎵🎶🎵
This is so important! https://t.co/k4ozqNvDpS
Relieved to read this 🎙🎶🎺 https://t.co/bl7WdJeZ5V

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@LizPrestwich @Y6Bradway @BradwaySport Well done, Team Prestwich! 👏👏👏👏

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@Lucy_Locket77 @BradwaySport @Y3Bradway @ForgeSSP Wowsers! My eyes are watering!!!! Incredible achievement, Sophie!!! 👏👏👏👏👏
This lady is inspirational! Also very entertaining! Kids and parents can join in! Please take a look 👀 https://t.co/A6NH0YsTjm
Everyone at Bradway Primary School is missing you lots so we've made a film to say hello in our own special way! We… https://t.co/3D88185zQB
If anyone out there fancies learning the ukulele, take a look at this. Jon teaches ukulele at our school and has o… https://t.co/FwB3ESZpwC
This young lady sings in the same choir as me. She's fab! https://t.co/DRfKAxvYTr
Why not try Laura's weekly challenge? Music for every mood! See what affects your mood. https://t.co/Z8qElhFfNx
Have a go at learning a new song - warm ups included! Impress your parents and maybe perform to your wider family v… https://t.co/A5nZ9O4n22

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@carterworrall @Y1Bradway @bradwaystockley Wow, Harper! I am super impressed! You'll have to show me on the piano w… https://t.co/OXiwKmZizj

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@MrsAWales @bradwaystockley @Bradway_Office Love this experiment! Hope you're going to drink the rest of that coke!!!😜

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@carolinehallam @hume_gillyh @johnmrutter When can we do a joint concert?🥰

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Wonder if Elsa can remember 'Try Everything' . . . 😜
Elsa! My heart is melting ❤❤❤❤🎶🎙🎙🎙 amazing xxx https://t.co/GojMVWl15L
Lydia! This is utterly beautiful!!! Amazing playing. Can't wait to hear you live ❤❤❤🎶🎶🎶 https://t.co/faY0Uxczlx