Extra Curricular Activities

There are a wide range of activities that your child can take part at lunchtime or outside of school hours. Below is a full list for each day of the week.

If your child wants to take part in any of these activities they should talk to the school office. There may be a small charge for some of the activities.

Sports Twitter Feed

Another amazing achievement. Congratulations. Superb photos too. It's lovely to see sport continuing through the ho… https://t.co/zbwfl68zOR
Wow! What a great sport to try on holiday and he looks like he is doing brilliantly too. Well done. https://t.co/pu2MmiWmMY
Happy summer everyone! Make sure you keep all the sporting achievements coming over the holidays and that you get o… https://t.co/8QB0fWXAVE
Wow! Matching his top 😊 the hard work was definitely worth it! https://t.co/dE0LBew4bS
I want to show the children that getting fit is hard! Like when you struggle in maths or literacy, you must perseve… https://t.co/Rpex027TfA
There is a fab opportunity to try tennis for free this weekend at Graves Health and Sports Centre. You can book ont… https://t.co/D9b5IQlgbW

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@BradwayY2 @Y6Bradway The Y6 pupils were particularly impressed with the behaviour in Y2, so thank you 😊
Some of the children in @Y6Bradway @Y1Bradway and @BradwayFS2 were treated to a horse riding demonstration from a v… https://t.co/OahCmEV7MT
Well done to @Y6Bradway for creating and leading the activities and the rest of the school for being so well behave… https://t.co/GjwdkoGhDe
Wow! So many smiling superstars. Well done to you all. https://t.co/Iyn45H3ShJ
Well done everyone. You'll all be ready for the summer holidays after all your hard work! https://t.co/as3ZUKhkuJ

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@Lucy_Gray_ Fantastic!
What a huge and impressive achievement by so many of our pupils and parents. Be very, very proud. To raise so much… https://t.co/aR6oe7UY6z
@Abbeydaletennis have run some great sessions for our children this year and are holding summer clubs. Please see t… https://t.co/qaxKCTGX7u

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@ForgeSSP Keep up the opportunities and we'll keep coming 😊 thanks again!

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@MonteneySport @PointsLN @ForgeSSP @LinksSSP @ArchesSSP Congratulations on your award 🏆

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@MundellaSport 🏆🙌😊 well deserved!
Thanks to @ForgeSSP for the nomination and all the SGOs for organising all the competitions this year. They all wor… https://t.co/KUyAJBsFUt


Well done to all you rockers out there! A brilliant effort from all of you #rocksteady #bradway #music https://t.co/tZsTsLUKdo
Just a quick reminder that the year 2&3 choir have stopped rehearsing for this year. Just a huge thank you to all t… https://t.co/UxG4w2bdcb
Rehearsals for next week! #music https://t.co/rKkToXJsnK

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@singoutoftheark @singingpedro @SheffMusicHub We had a great time, thank you.
Fantastic Singing Surgery today learning all about music in the curriculum. Even got to sing Spring Chicken again.… https://t.co/SdLWHz8tIY
Here’s the list for next week’s rehearsals! https://t.co/VXi9WNgoAY
Rehearsal schedule for first week back after the holidays. https://t.co/VdQvxZZERr
Here is the rehearsal schedule for w/c 20th May. A hard copy is also on the blue notice board. https://t.co/08YYGv9uMf

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@lornamcwalk A song for the mums to enjoy.
Highly recommended if you are free on Saturday. https://t.co/uEjABj5wv3
The Y2/3 choir are really getting stuck into the songs for the summer concert. They have been given their song word… https://t.co/S0ouFfRYCI
Junior choir will begin again this Thursday - 18th April. See you all there!
Look out for Mrs Lucas and Mrs Hatton busy making music, should be a bigger audience later. #ClassicalSheffieldhttps://t.co/7OIO0VcUEC
You should have received a letter today to let you know that Year 2 and 3 choir will be starting again on April 25t… https://t.co/ximYkA9MXM
So proud of the choir in last night’s concert #Bradway #Meadowhead #choir https://t.co/PhqrxEhwkb