Foundation2 Autumn 2 Curriculum Topics



  • Counting to 10
  • Matching numbers to items
  • Recognising Numicon tiles
  • Linking Numicon tiles to numbers
  • Using Numicon for a range of purposes

Communication and Language

  • Listening to other people
  • Joining in with rhyming
  • Responding to simple instructions
  • Talking about past events

Personal, social and emotional development

  • Playing with other children
  • Making friends
  • Taking turns
  • Following rules; classroom and whole school
  • Being friendly
  • Except others needs - eg waiting for others, taking turns

Physical Development

  • Being able to go to the toilet independently
  • Washing and drying hands independently
  • Dress and undress independently
  • Making marks with tools
  • Coping/attempting to write letters
  • Move safely around the classroom
  • Hold a pencil effectively


  • Joining in with rhyming activities and continue a rhyming string
  • Listening to and joining in with stories
  • Showing an interest in pictures and words in books
  • Recognise familiar words including own name
  • Hear and say iniital sounds in words
  • Giving meaning to marks they make and see

Understanding of the World

  • Showing an interest in new friends
  • Talk about past events
  • Know what makes them unique and different to others
  • Showing an interest in different occupations
  • Experimenting with technology - eg gadgets

Expressive arts and design

  • Playing games with others
  • Sing familiar songs
  • Explore sound
  • Experiment with colour
  • Take part in imaginative play
  • Show an interest in drawing and develop techniques
  • Explore different materials - eg building, modeling and craft