Foundation2 Spring 1 Curriculum Topics

Theme: Eric Carle

Communication and Language

  • I can listen to others, one to one or in a small group.
  • I can retell a past event in order.
  • I can respond to instructions involving two parts.
  • I can listen in a range of situations.


  • I can recognise numerals 1-10
  • I can count out up to 10 objects from a larger group.
  • I can select the correct numeral to represent 1-10 objects.
  • I can order two or three items by length or height.
  • I can order two items by weight or capacity.

Personal, social and emotional development

  • I am aware of feelings and know that some things upset people.
  • I initiate conversations and listen to others.
  • I know and can identify when to comfort others.
  • I am sensitive to others feelings.

Physical Development

  • I can move freely in lots of different ways.
  • I behave in a safe manner during a variety of experiences.
  • I can form recognisable letters.
  • I have good control and co-ordination in large and small movements.
  • I can move confidently in a range of ways.


  • I can hear and say the initial sounds in words.
  • I can link sounds to letters.
  • I can use some clearly identifiable letters to communicate meaning.
  • I can write some tricky words.
  • I can represent some sounds in order.

Understanding of the World

  • I can talk about why things happen and how things work.
  • I can tell you about the things that make me unique.
  • I know about similarities and differences between myself and others.
  • I can use ICT software appropriate for my age.

Expressive arts and design

  • I join in with dancing and ring games.
  • I can move rhythmically in response to music.
  • I can manipulate material to achieve an end result.
  • I have a repertoire of songs and dances.
  • I can make up dances.