Foundation Stage 2

Welcome to Foundation Stage!

Within our Foundation Stage team we have: Miss Campbell (Class teacher), Mrs Smith (Class teacher), Mr Traquair (Teaching assistant) and Mrs Oldfield (Teaching assistant). We are all excited to take your children on the first steps of their educational journey and aim for this to be a happy time for both you and them.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum which enables your child to take part in fun, exciting activities catered to their individual needs.

Please read our class blog to see what the children have been doing.

Letters and Information

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Our latest curriculum topic list:

  • Foundation Stage 2 Spring 2019
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    What a fun experiment! Lots of predicting and observing in FS this afternoon. #bradway
    Lots of imaginative indoor play today due to the bad weather! 🌧☔️ #bradway
    Thanks to the KS2 Science Ambassadors for coming into FS again to show us the ‘walking on eggs’ experiment! 🥚🥚🥚…
    Pizza making in FS today. Chopping and snipping skills using knives and scissors. 😄 #Bradway
    Would you invite a monster to stay at school? A great independent, child led P4C session. #Bradway #bradwayP4C
    Science in the outdoor classroom this afternoon for FS. We were colour matching, leaf spotting and mini beast hunti…
    We used story stones today to retell The Three Little Pigs. #Bradway
    We came up with our big question for P4C outside today. Is it ever ok to take things from the wild? #Bradway #P4C
    We had great fun today making mischievous, woodland Boggarts!
    Inviting the children in FS to draw and write with highlighter pens on large paper on the floor today! 😀#Bradway
    The woodland group were very lucky to find a nest on Friday. We then had a go at making our own, they turned out gr…
    Thank you science ambassadors for coming into FS2 to show us the cornflour slime experiment this afternoon! The chi…
    Would a dinosaur make a good pet? #bradway #bradwayP4C the children enjoyed discussing if having a dinosaur as a pe…
    Lots of fun at our new woodland club this lunchtime #bradway
    Exciting new additions to the FS classroom. The children said “it’s swimming really fast” “they haven’t got arms ye…
    We have had great fun learning about 3d shapes. #bradway
    A massive well done and thank you to all who entered the Easter baking competition #bradway
    Arggghhhhhh me hearties! What an amazing day we have had today. To finish our topic we have had a pirate day which…
    We have been sent an invitation to the royal ball. We have had to draw and explain who we would invite and why…
    World Of Work Week, thank you for coming to talk to us and teach us all about cooking. #bradway