Foundation Stage 2

Welcome to Foundation Stage!

Within our Foundation Stage team we have: Miss Campbell (Class teacher), Miss Simpson (Class teacher), Mr Traquair (Teaching assistant) and Mrs Oldfield (Teaching assistant). We are all excited to take your children on the first steps of their educational journey and aim for this to be a happy time for both you and them.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum which enables your child to take part in fun, exciting activities catered to their individual needs.

Please read our class blog to see what the children have been doing.

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Game idea taken from ABC does
Rainbow Scavenger hunt - can you complete the scavenger hunt? This could be done inside or outside!
Choose your favourite story and have a go at roll and retell.
Topic - make your own fruit kebab then pretend you own a shop. Make a poster to advertise your kebab and have a go…
Literacy - Handa’s surprise. On YouTube watch the story Handa’s surprise. Can you make your own front cover and label what you have drawn?
Numeracy - Numberblocks Series 1 Ep 5. Can you make your own set of Numberblocks 1-5 to use during this weeks home learning.
Phonics - tricky word check list. Make a check list for the words he,she,we,me,was & the. How many times can you fi…
Tapestry - we are aware that Tapestry is struggling this morning and some of you are struggling to get online. We w…
PE with a twist! Who can balance the ice the furthest?
FS2 do the Conga!!
Santa came to visit!!
Getting into the Christmas spirit we have being using lolly sticks as instruments whilst singing ‘Little Donkey’
We have enjoyed using junk modelling to make a snowman.
Have you completed any of the Christmas reading challenge yet?
Today we have our first mystery reader .. we invited parents and family members to join us on zoom to read a story…
Christmas has landed in FS2
Friday afternoon music fun!
Afternoon yoga session