Welcome to Bradway Primary

Paul Stockley

I have been Headteacher at Bradway since 2002 and during that time there have been many changes in education. Through all these changes we have held true to our beliefs and principles about what makes a good school and a good learner.

Our school mottos, 'Everyone is good at something' and 'Learning Through Enjoyment' highlight the importance that we place on ensuring that Bradway Primary school is an inclusive, happy place to learn. We think it is particularly important to ensure that all our pupils experience and celebrate success, especially if they find more academic subjects difficult. To this end, we provide an exceptionally broad curriculum, including residential and day visits, and a wide range of clubs and activities which children can attend, either in school time or out of school time.

Through these activities, alongside a creative, enjoyable and exciting curriculum, we aim to ensure that every child develops confidence and finds something that they are good at, as well as feeling comfortable in their own bodies. Whatever age children are in our school, we encourage them to do their very best in all that they do to and to challenge themselves with their learning.

To help fulfil this vision, we practice Philosophy for Children, which forms a ‘golden thread’ running throughout our children’s time at school, providing opportunities for children to think deeply about their learning and to seek to understand and tolerate the opinions and beliefs of others.

In summary, our aim as a school is to develop caring, collaborative, creative and critical thinkers who are able to navigate the challenges of an ever-changing modern world.

Paul Stockley