Pupil Responsibilities

Bradway has a range of school representative bodies as well as pupil responsibilities.

School Council

School council consists of pupils from all classes, Y2 - Y6. Pupils discuss issues which are pertinent to pupils' lives in school, including the quality of school meals, the quality and provision of playground equipment and the maintenance of the school toilets. Minutes are taken with actions and meetings take place every half term.

P4C Protagonists

P4C protagonists are tasked with promoting P4C within their classrooms and across the school and there are 2-3 in each class. They meet as year groups each half term to discusss what is going well in class and what could be omroved. Pupils are encouraged to be involved with the planning and organisation of P4C sesions as well as the monitoring and recording of sessions. 

Young Leaders

Young Leaders are drawn from Y6. They have to apply for the role which involves leading sporting activities for other pupils at lunchtimes.