Year 1 Summer 2019 Curriculum Topics


Communication and Language

Physical Development



PSED (Personal, Social Emotional development)

  • Playing with others
  • Being friendly
  • Choosing activities without help
  • Taking turns
  • Aware of feelings


  • Awareness of rhyme and rhyming activities
  • Interested in books; words and pictures
  • Hear and say the initial sounds in words
  • Give meaning to marks made
  • Write own name

Understanding the World

  • Show an interest in the people around them
  • Talk about significant events
  • Show an interest in occupations
  • Comment on and ask questions about the immediate environment
  • Interact with age appropriate software
  • recognize the changing seasons

Expressive Arts and Design

  • Sing songs
  • Make movement to music
  • Tap out a simple rhythm
  • Engage in imaginative play
  • Create simple representations of people