Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Within our team we have:

Mrs Hawksworth and Mr Cheetham will be teaching in Year 4 this year, supported by Mrs Behan, Mr Cooper, Mrs Iosson, Miss Graham and Mrs Talbot. 

We are all excited to begin the new academic year with a full, fun-packed curriculum and have organised a range of exciting activities for your child to enjoy.

Please browse our page to see what your children will be doing. Here’s looking forward to working together this year.

Best wishes
The Year 4 Team

Welcome Pack Year 4 2020


Math Presentation Jan 2020

Introducing Twitter

Date: 08/10/2018

Year 4 have now set up a Twitter account. We are going to trial the use of Twitter instead of the blog to see what people think. So far, we have found that photos can be uploaded far quicker, so we…

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Friday Fun

Date: 04/10/2018

We’ve had a great week but Friday was the best.

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Roman Day

Date: 28/09/2018

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Another fun week in Year 4

Date: 28/09/2018

This week we have been conducting investigations into Changing States in science. We have performed role play activities in our Varjak Paw literacy topic to try to understand how the main character…

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Literacy Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

Date: 21/09/2018

There are 2 ways we can become better writers. Fine tuning our sentences and getting inspiration from outside speakers. We've done both this week in year 4 and enjoyed our writing as a result.

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Multiples and Moves

Date: 14/09/2018

This week we have been putting our brains and bodies into gear. In maths, we can now count in multiples of 6, 7 and 9. Today we cut some strides in our first Street Dance lesson, see the evidence below.…

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Our First Week

Date: 07/09/2018

Wow! What an amazing start to the year. The children have demonstrated some great learning powers this week, including resilience, collaboration, resourcefulness and independent learning skills. They…

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The last 2 days

Date: 18/07/2018

Tomorrow we will be having a film in the morning and a games afternoon. Please bring games or toys but nothing electronic. On Friday Y4H will be doing ICT followed by a game of rounders and the leavers…

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Enterprise Week

Date: 13/07/2018

We had lots of fun investigating, designing and creating our products and we learnt lots by evaluating them afterwards. The market day and picnic was a huge success and both classes sold out of their…

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Science, Fun Run and Caves

Date: 06/07/2018

On Tuesday in science, we discussed the importance of our diaphragm for helping us breathe and the link between how much regular exercise we do and the number of breaths we take. The children, including…

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