Year 6 Autumn 1 2018 Curriculum Topics

Theme: Meet the Greeks…


  • Focus Sentence Structure, clauses, connectives, conjunctions and adverbs
  • Greek Myths and Legends (Narrative)
  • Telling, planning and writing stories
  • Punctuation for effect
  • Story Structure and Vocabulary for effect


  • Place Value
  • Decimal Place Value
  • Mental and Written Addition and Subtraction
  • Mental and Written Multiplication and Division
  • Problem solving using the 4 calculation methods


  • Evolution and Inheritance
  • Fossils
  • Genetics
  • Adaptation
  • Evolution
  • Darwin, Wallace and Mendel


  • Sequencing events in chronological order
  • Identify and order significant Ancient Greek events
  • Understanding the physical geography of Greece
  • What a State! Democracy in Ancient Greece
  • City States: Beware the Spartans and Ruling the Athenian way
  • Great Greek Philosophers
  • The Olympic Games
  • Education in Ancient Greece


  • Greek pots & sketching
  • Designing our own pots
  • Creating and painting Greek pots using clay
  • Planning and deigning Godly mosaics
  • Creating mosaics
  • Designing and making Greek theatre masks


  • E-safety - searching for and using images
  • Bitmaps

PE / Learning for Life

  • PE: Sports Hall Athletics
  • PE: Football
  • SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning)
  • Philosophy for Children (P4C)
  • Building Learning Power (BLP) - Ethos of our school
  • School Values