Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Within our Year 1 team we have: Mrs Pitts (Class Teacher) and Mrs Lucas (Class Teacher) supported by Mrs Duck (Teaching Assistant) and Mrs P. Smith (Teaching Assistant).

Mrs Hulley (Class Teacher) supported by Mrs Rodgerson (Teaching Assistant), Mrs Iosson and Mrs Stevenson will be covering planning time.

We hope to inspire your children to reach their full potential and develop a love of learning through an exciting and creative curriculum.

We all look forward to working together this year.

Best wishes,
The Year 1 Team


Welcome pack Year 1 2020.pdf

Our latest curriculum topic list:

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@lucyloo2521 I will have to read this book.

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@lucyloo2521 Is it Tiny's Victory? Or maybe Cars?

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@LisaWil69507827 That's fantastic! Well done.

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@Lucy_Locket77 Can you use your props to act out the story?

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@Lucy_Locket77 Is it Monkey Puzzle?

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I did it at home. 💪🏻

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I love Spinderella.
Joe Wicks completed. All the children still smiling, 1 teacher laying down in recovery!!!

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@CKayPink Fantastic- looks like lots of fun. Wonder if there’ll be a sequel- what will you bake next?

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@Ellie41169018 BOO! So that's where you have been hiding. It's lovely to see your smiling faces.

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@mrdavidwhitley Wow! They’re fantastic- well done A x

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@darren_hull Wow!

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@Y3Bradway Great performance girls! 👏

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@EGoodgrove That's incredible Tommy! Well done.

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Excellent towers everyone. I wonder which one is the tallest?
Morning hope you are all well.

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@ktcordran Great code Alex. Will get my felt tips out tomorrow and try to send you a message.