Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Mrs Hulley, Mrs Pitts and Mrs Lucas will be teaching in Year 1 this year and will be supported by Mrs Duck,  Mrs Rodgerson, Mrs Iosson, Ms Thorne and Mrs Stevenson.  Mrs Iosson, Ms Thorne and Mrs Stevenson will be covering PPA (Preparation, Planning and Assessment) time on Tuesday mornings  (DP and DH) and Thursday afternoons (HL.)


We hope to inspire your children to reach their full potential and develop a love of learning through an exciting and creative curriculum.

We all look forward to working together this year.

Best wishes,
The Year 1 Team


Welcome Pack Year 1 2020



Our latest curriculum topic list:

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Red group in Y1H 🚀
Blue group in Y1H
Green group in Y1H
Our rockets 🚀 White group in Y1H
And...blast off! We followed instructions to make our fabulous flying rockets #bradway
In P4C, Y1H helped Elfie. He wanted to go to the park with 12 friends, but he's in tier 3. The children worked toge…
In P4C in Y1PL we split into two groups for our first enquiry. They were grouped into two groups of confident spea…
In Science in Y1PL, we learnt how animals adapt to seasonal changes. We created a checklist of what our special gue…
In Y1H, we used sliders to make moving pictures.
#WorldPhilosophyDay #P4C In P4C, Y1H continued looking at different fairy tale characters. The children asked ques…
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Y1PL super skippers. Well done both of you! #bradway
A small but very important part in the Big Bubble sing along. @bradway_music
In P4C in Y1PL we have been looking at questions. We have played a game turning statements into questions and then…
Y1H enjoyed the ‘Big Bubble Singalong’. @BBCCiN #bigbubble

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@philos_backpack Thank you it was a great stimulus, their thoughts were inspiring. One mark is not enough to be art…