Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

The Year 3 team are Mr Heaton, Mr Van Greuning, Miss Bryan, Mrs Iosson and Mrs Hatton. We aim to offer your child stimulating learning opportunities through terrific topics, lively lessons and tremendous trips!

We are excited about helping your child make the transition from Infants to Juniors. We look forward to working with them as they continue their learning journey through Bradway Primary School.

Welcome Pack Year 3 2019

Math Presentation Jan 2020

Our latest curriculum topic list:

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Good morning everyone! Today, your suggested activity is one to get you thinking. Have a discussion with your fami…

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@rachelp18384 Great stuff, Flynn!

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@MRIGBY I am eggstremely impressed, Jess! 😃

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@RobertRobWhite They look fantastic, I bet you are eggs-ited to eat your breakfast now!😃
Good morning Y3. You all looked very comfy in your nests yesterday 🐥👍. Today, we thought you might be on the hunt f…
Good morning! I hope you enjoyed the weekend and the lovely weather that we had. Today’s suggested activity is to i…

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@thehattons224 😂😂😂 Had me in hysterics! Mrs Hatton you are a legend!

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@EGoodgrove Ah I love eggy bread! I haven’t had that in ages! It’s making me hungry just looking at it 😋

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@marchy1404 Impressive collaboration 😀
Performing their poem ‘FRIENDS’ 😊 @Y1Bradway @Y3Bradway #bradway #y3

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@Lucy_Locket77 👏🏻 This is fantastic! It looks like it was great fun to make. Also, the production quality is second…
Good morning everyone! I hope you enjoyed listening to the books yesterday. Today's suggested activity is to learn…
Good morning everyone! I hope you enjoyed decorating your eggs yesterday! Today’s suggested activity is one I’m sur…
Check out this awesome picture Mrs Hatton drew of Mr Heaton and Mr Van Greuning! Brilliant 👏🏻

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@BradwayY2 @thehattons224 is a master at this!
Good morning everyone! Today’s suggested activity is to decorate an egg as a film character, e.g. Hermionegg. Bonus…

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@MRIGBY Super poem! I really like the pictures you’ve added too 👏😀

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@lindseywilson82 Great effort 👍🏼