Year 6

Thank you for taking the time to visit our year group page. This year, the Year 6 team is made up of Miss Svoboda and Mrs Crookes (class teachers), together with Mrs Rehman,  Mrs Ives-Owen and Mrs Heap (teaching assistants) and Mr Cooper, who will be covering planning time. 

We are all looking forward to the stimulating learning opportunities Year 6 brings: exciting lessons, fantastic topics and fabulous trips! We can’t wait to share photographs, commentaries and up-to-date news in our year group blog and to working in partnership with you, to make your child’s time in Y6 a very happy one.

The Year 6 team

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@WinterImagines @MrsHRoberts for teachers when they return.

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@missabbymiles Hi Abby. Thank you for posting. This is great and really helpful. We would be very interested in thi…

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@jas_die Thank you very much! I will add it to Thursday's work and then children will have it for the long weekend.

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@jas_die I'm sure it could. Do you have the link? Thank you very much :)

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@DrJimminy @Beeley1 I hope the app is better. Hopefully we'll all figure out the best way to use it over the next week.

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@DrJimminy @Beeley1 Or you can add text boxes to the sheet on Seesaw and type answers in. This seems to be the most…

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@DrJimminy @Beeley1 You can print from the White Rose website and then take a photo of the work and upload if that is easier 😊

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@Beeley1 Taking a picture and sharing it is absolutely fine if that is easier. We can still see it and we can reply…

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@jas_die Thanks for the feedback. We're glad it's working well :)

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@FludeAndrew Sending now (hopefully!) Let me know if it works!
We hope you’ve enjoyed the learning activities that we have been setting on Twitter. We have now moved to the Seesa…

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@fionaga37690193 Brilliant news. What did she have to do?

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@AmyStackhouse3 This looks fab! The plastic bag full of plastic should be easy to get as I think we all seem to hav…

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@AmyStackhouse3 This is very thorough planning and a really good week's work. Well done!

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@AmyStackhouse3 Beautiful writing, with great noun phrases and use of parenthesis, and a lovely ending. Hopefully w…

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@LizPrestwich Loving the noun phrases throughout and the use of a colon! Brill! The fish looks a good, clear plan. 👍🏻