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What we've been learning about:

    Posted on
    Jun 2018


    This week we have flown back to space and been on a space rocket. 
    We have learnt all about Neil Armstrong and have enjoyed making moon rocks. 

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    Posted on
    May 2018

    Flying Superheros

    We used balloons to make Superheros. 

    How did your Superhero fly? 

    What noise did it make?

    How did it's shape changed? 

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    Posted on
    May 2018

    Meet the Creature


    The children had an amazing time this morning learning all about animals and their life cycles. 

    The children were all very brave holding, handling and touching lots of different animals! 

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    Posted on
    May 2018

    Mystery reader

    Mrs Hulley’s class did a traffic survey. 

    Miss Campbell’s class enjoyed having the first mystery reader. 

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    Posted on
    Apr 2018

    Rock Steady

    We have had an amazing morning with the Rocky Steady music school. 
    The children got the opportunity to play the electric guitar, the keyboard, the drums and sing with microphones. 

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    Our 50th anniversary

    50th Anniversary

    An Introduction to Bradway Primary

    Selected Quotes

    "We feel that  the teachers are constantly being creative with the children's learning, individual class events and whole school events alike. Making school life interactive fun and memorable. We feel that you guys have a challenging job but manage to succeed in providing great education whilst trying to keep all us parents happy. " - Reception parent