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What we've been learning about:

    Posted on
    Feb 2018

    Chinese New Year

    This week we have had a fantastic time celebrating Chinese New Year. 
    We have explored chopsticks and learnt how to use them, made Chinese New Year cards, learnt about the Chinese alphabet and then made our own dragon dances. 

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    Posted on
    Feb 2018


    This week the children have been adding two groups of different objects together. 

    Have many objects do I have if I have 3 dinosaurs and 2 cars? 

    Can you write the answer? 

    In literacy the children have been writing instructions about how to make a jam sandwich. 
    They made a jam sandwich, using their instructions to help them. 

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    Posted on
    Feb 2018

    The New Garden

    The children have had a great time this week exploring the new garden areas, there is still work going on however they have loved performing on the stage and can not wait to start exploring the new mud kitchen among many other new areas. 

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    Posted on
    Jan 2018

    Being healthy

    This week we have been looking at food.

    Talking about healthy food and unhealthy food. 

    We did a brush your teeth experiment and talked about what food might be good or bad for our teeth. 

    Using hand cream and glitter we did an experiment to see how germs on our hands spread. 

    In numeracy we have been looking at capacity. 

    Can you fill the container? 

    Can you empty the container? 

    Can you make the container half full?

    We have been writing about Stickman. 

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    Posted on
    Jan 2018

    Floating and sinking

    This week we have made our own boats using straws, corks and pipe cleaners. 
    The children were very excited to try their boats in the water tray outside. 
    We then looked at and discussed why some of the boats floated and why some of them sank. 

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    Our 50th anniversary

    50th Anniversary

    An Introduction to Bradway Primary

    Selected Quotes


    It is difficult to list all the positive aspects of life at Bradway but they would include: Creativity, the child as a whole person, responsibility, positive atmosphere: there are many more.

    - Parent