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Foundation Stage 2's Blog

What we've been learning about:

    Posted on
    Oct 2017

    Disco time

    Friday afternoon = disco time! 

    The classes take it in turn to take part in dough disco or a music lesson.

    Dough disco helps develop the fine motor skills which in turn helps the children use a pencil. 

    You can watch the dough disco lessons on Youtube. 


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    Posted on
    Oct 2017


    This week we have been learning number rhymes to help us recognise and write our numbers. 

    Around to my left to find my hero, back to the top. Now I've made a zero. 

    A downward stroke, my that's fun. Now I've made the number one. 

    Half a heart says I love you. Add a line. Now I've made number two. 

    Around the tree, around the tree. Now I've made the number three.

    Down and across and down once more. Now I've made number four. 

    Draw the back, the belly and hat. It's a five , watch out it might come alive!

    We have been talking about and drawing pictures of our families. 

    Who lives in your house? 

    Can you write their name? 

    Yesterday we went on an Autumn walk and used a checklist to find different Autumn items.

    What did you find? 


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    Posted on
    Sep 2017

    Class pet

    We are very luckily to have three new pet fish, kindly donated by a member of the community. 

    The children have named them Bubbles, Nemo, Anna and Birju.

    The children are taking it in turns to feed the fish and have helped to look after them by making them a backdrop and ensuring the noise level doesn't get too high. 

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    Posted on
    Sep 2017

    Full days

    The children have been amazing this week. 

    They have listened carefully and with help from the dinner ladies and foundation

    stage staff have successfully managed to get their dinners and clear away their dinner


    They have made many new friends. 

    Can you name someone you have played with? 

    We made some listening ears and went on a listening walk. 

    The children listened carefully to the different sounds around school. 

    Where did you go? 

    What did you see? 

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    Posted on
    Sep 2017

    Half days

    What a fantastic first week of school the children have had. They have all settled so well and have made us all very proud. 

    The children have enjoyed exploring our classroom and making lots of new friends. 

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