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Posted on
Feb 2018

It's about time!

This week we have started a new maths unit on time. We have been busy ordering the days of the week, the months of the year and reading and drawing o'clock. Any help you can do at home would be great. Next week we shall be looking at o'clock and half past. 

In Literacy we have continued to focus on the naughty underpant stealing aliens.We have looked closely at their crimes and have been preparing work to share with your in our assembly.

Yesterday was the Year 1 Spelling Bee, with Chloe, Gabriela, Ethan and Daisy making it through to the final round. They were amazing and in the end had to spell some unpractised year 2 and 3 words to trip them up. Daisy was eventually crowned the winner. 

Next week is our final week on our space topic so be prepared for rockets and solar systems coming home. 

Hope you all enjoyed the assembly and have a lovely weekend

The year 1 team

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Posted on
Jan 2018

Ponds Forge photos

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Posted on
Jan 2018

More space adventures and addition

Thank you very much for your patience and support this week with very wintery conditions. The children have been very sensible and have followed our instructions to make sure that playtimes have been both safe and fun. Please can we recommend that you include a spare pair of socks or tights in their book bags, as a number of children have had wet feet and have become cold. We have a few spare pairs in school but if you have any that we could have for Year 1 that would be fantastic and if you have borrowed a pair if they could be returned that would be much appreciated.

In Maths this week we have continued to focus on addition. The children have been finding pairs of numbers that they can add together to make a given total. They have been extremely positive and have supported each other in their learning.

In Literacy we were very excited to receive a letter and a gift in the post. The letter was in reply to some questions that the children wrote last week and was from Bob. The children were very pleased to read that he is a space man and have enjoyed reading a book all about him and his job as a man on the Moon.

We are looking forward to our athletics trip on Wednesday and if you are free and nearby, feel free to pop over and watch them in action.

You will have received a leaflet and sticker in your child’s reading record this week, informing you of a fantastic and very worthwhile reading workshop in school on Thursday. If you are able to attend it will be a great opportunity to learn about reading with your child and ask any questions.

We wish you all a lovely weekend

The Year 1 team

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Posted on
Jan 2018

Blast off into Space!

Welcome back everybody! We have had a fun filled first week back and are thoroughly immersed in our new topic 'Journeys and Space'. 
We have been learning about sources of light in Science and have been in the dark den with torches. We are learning about space and planets in our topic work and have been thinking about what we want to find out this term. We even dressed up as spacemen! In Computing we are learning how to program the programmable robots. We even programmed ourselves in P.E and gave each other directions around the hall! Have a good weekend!

From The Y1

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Posted on
Dec 2017


We had a fantastic time yesterday at our infant party!
Christmas jumpers, lots of fun games to play, plenty of party food and then....... we even got to meet Father Christmas !!
We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 
See you all back safe and sound on Monday January 8th 2018!

The Year 1 Team

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