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Posted on
Jun 2018

Goodbye Miss Smith!

We have had a happy but sad day today as we say goodbye to Miss Smith who has been with us since September. 
We wish her all the best for her future as a teacher. Goodbye and good luck!

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Posted on
Jun 2018

Welcome back!

Welcome back everybody! This week we have been reading the story Handa's Surprise.
We have tasted exotic fruits in Science and have been learning about weight in Maths. 
We started our new topic all about the 1960's this week to celebrate our school becoming 50 years old. We have had great fun listening to some music from the 60's!

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Posted on
May 2018

Pizza Making!

On Monday we were lucky enough to have a visit from The Sunshine Pizza Company! We made our own pizza by stretching the dough, spreading the tomato sauce  and choosing the toppings we wanted. Then we watched as the cooked in the outdoor pizza oven. We had so much fun!

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Posted on
May 2018

Pizzas and 3d shapes

This week we have moved onto 3d shapes and have been learning all about spheres, pyramids, cubes, cuboids, cones and cylinders. They can now recognise and name them and sort 3D shapes according to type, number of faces and vertices. We have also been talking about the shapes spotting differences and similarities between them. These are some of the maths questions they have discussed with their talk partners .

Look at a cube and a cuboid. What is the same? What is different? Discuss.

I’m thinking of a shape, I have 1 face, I am 3d,
and my face is curved.

Can they find any 3d shapes living in your home?

In Literacy we have started to look at the story of the Pizza Princess. The Princess loves pizza but unfortunately forgets her manners!

The children have worked really hard creating their own story characters using alliteration. We have a Marmalade Mermaid, Raspberry Robber, Mango Magician, Banana Ballerina and a Jam and a Jelly Jockey to name a few.

They have also worked really hard creating storymaps to retell the story but using their new character and new food. Next week we shall be writing the story.

Remember they are making Pizzas on Monday and Mrs Lucas would like Cheese and Tomato Pizza please.

Have a lovely weekend.

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Posted on
May 2018

Nature hunt

In Science we went on a nature hunt looking at plants and wildlife. Some children even spotted a lamb..... on the school field!

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Our 50th anniversary

50th Anniversary

An Introduction to Bradway Primary

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"You have a special school team; my children are privileged to part of it." - Parent