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Posted on
Jul 2017

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Here are some of the lovely photos from yesterday.

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Posted on
Jul 2017

Science Week Photos!

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Posted on
Jul 2017

A fun filled week

Wow what an exciting week in Year 1. 

Science week has been really great fun, the children have really enjoyed themselves. We have done so many exciting activities that we shall post photos to show you on Monday. Thank you all for joining us for our Science picnic, we hope you had a lovely time. 

We have sent a note home today to let you know that we will not be doing any more spellings tests this year. Thank you very much for all your help and support at home. 

A final photo just to show you how well the children read with the Guide Dog Yara yesterday, she couldn't stop barking about it last night. 

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Posted on
Jun 2017

Hooray for Arrays!

Hooray for arrays

What a busy week in Year 1.

On Monday the children watched the dress rehearsal for Bugsy Malone, they really enjoyed it and sat beautifully through the whole performance.

In Maths we have been looking at arrays. The children have been using repeated addition and multiplication to write number sentences, to show ‘lots of’ 2, 5 and 10. This is a really tricky concept for the children and they showed great perseverance in their independent learning. We were really impressed by their fantastic attitudes.

In Literacy we have been reading Jack and the Beanstalk, we have had some great stories from home but I think our favourite was Jack and the Meanstalk. The children then created their own Giants, some of them were so scary that we won't be climbing any beanstalks for a while. We talked about how we could describe the giant using adjectives and they labelled their pictures of their giants with amazing adjectives.

Today we have written sentences to describe our giants, the children used their adjectives to add detail to their sentences and we explored ways of extending the sentences using words such as; and, because and so.

Next week is Science week and we have lots of fun activities planned. On Wednesday we shall be going on a local learning walk to Ladyspring Woods. The children can come in non
uniform of old clothes and suitable footwear. It would be great to see you at our Science Day picnic next Friday afternoon.

Have a lovely weekend

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Posted on
Jun 2017

A hot and sticky week

This week in Maths we have been learning about Capacity. We have been using rice, water and sand to compare the capacity of several different containers. We have used our results to order the containers by their capacity. We have been using vocabulary associated with capacity to talk about our results.

These are some of the words we have been using for our maths talk this week; Measure, Fill, Full, Half full, Empty, Half empty, Nearly full, Nearly empty, Overflowing, capacity, Estimate, Most and Least.

In Literacy this week we have read the story Oliver’s Vegetables. We have retold the story ordering the foods correctly into the days of the week. The stories were so good that Mr Stones and Miss Shaw had to take a look to check that they had been written by Year 1’s!

Just a quick reminder that it is the Infant Sports Day on Thursday afternoon. Please can you check that they have the correct PE kit and that their trainers still fit.

We hope you all enjoy the school disco and have a lovely weekend.

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"'Learning Through Enjoyment' sums up Bradway school perfectly. It always feels like a happy, fun place to learn with lots of creative, exciting and challenging activities and experiences for the children" - Parent Quote