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    Posted on
    Dec 2017

    A plea for your junk

    Next Friday, Y2 will be creating sculptures of famous UK landmarks. Fingers crossed the weather will be kind and we'll use the playpod equipment on the infant playground. However, should the weather defeat us, we will need a plan B! We have asked the children to bring in any junk modelling items going to waste - material, boxes, bottles, tubes (large or small) all will be welcomed and creatively used!

    Many thanks Y2

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    Posted on
    Dec 2017

    Friday 1st December

    Hello friends and family of Year 2! 

    What an action packed week we've had! 

    Preparation for our Christmas play has begun in earnest, thanks for bearing with us while we get parts, scripts and costume letters out to everyone. Please see below a copy of the letter that's gone out. Don't hesitate to come in and ask us if you're having any problems finding items. Tickets will be available soon to come and see the infants in our play; Lights, Camel, Action! 

    In maths and English we have been continuing our studies on addition and subtraction, and non-chronological reports. We've seen some amazing examples of home learning and we're finding out a thing or two about tarantulas, bearded dragons, tree frogs and pythons! Thanks for all the hard work at home. 

    The children have been very excited about the start of the festive season! They have all worked hard to sew a little stocking which they will get to take home. 

    Stay warm and safe over the weekend. Don't forget to rest and recuperate for the coming week! 

    All the best, 

    Team Year Two.


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    Posted on
    Nov 2017

    17th November 2017

    Hi everyone, 
    We've had a great week! Here's what we've been up to; 

    In maths we've continued our topic on addition and subtraction, covering number bonds to 100 and using apparatus to help calculate number sentences. 

    In literacy both classes have been working hard on learning how to write an excellent non-chronological report. See how many black mamba facts your child might know! Over the next few weeks we will be writing our own independent reports on one of four animals; a Tarantula, Bearded Dragon, Tree Frog or Royal Python. Please support your child to choose and research their animal in time for Monday 27th November. We will then all share our facts and figures to be super knowledgeable. 

    Just a gentle reminder that our morning routine is to line up on the infant playground and walk round to our class independently from whoever is dropping us off. Thank you for your support in this.

    Thanks for all the contributions to harvest festival food collection and for today's contributions to Children in Need. 

    Have a great weekend, from all the Year 2 team. 

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    Posted on
    Nov 2017

    Friday 10th November

    Happy weekend, everybody!

    We've had a great first week back. 

    In Maths, we have been working on addition and subtraction and have practised recalling our number bonds to 10 and 20. 

    In Literacy, we have started work on our non-chronological reports and have looked closely at the features of these texts - specifically headings, sub-headings, technical language, the use of the 3rd person and the present tense. Th children will shortly be choosing an animal on which to base their own non-chron.

    We had a FAB day yesterday learning about the Harvest Festival. Our focus in Year 2 was the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. We all baked moon-cakes, made Chinese greetings cards, Chinese lanterns and even counted to ten in Mandarin!!! A special thanks goes to Richard for his much needed help during the latter!

    A reminder please that your child needs to have their PE kit in school. We have PE every Monday and Thursday - Y2WS and every Wednesday and Thursday - Y2T.

    Please could you also check your child's hair for headlice as this seems to be a recurring issue.

    Below are some snaps from the end of last half term, we had lots of fun! Enjoy!

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    Posted on
    Oct 2017

    20th October 2017

    Another action-packed week for Year 2! Make sure you all have a good rest over the weekend - there are still 4 days of fun until the half term holiday! 

    In Maths this week we have begun our exploration of addition and subtraction, looking at number bonds, fact families and bar models. See if your child can remember all the numbers bonds to 10, or even to 20! 

    In Topic we all became MILLIONAIRES using our fantastic knowledge about the Great Fire of London. 

    In Literacy we have been building our skills to write a recount next week. We will be writing about the exciting day the fire brigade came to visit. We've practised using time words to start our sentences and conjunctions to join them up. Next week we will plan, write and edit our recount about the events of that morning. 

    Have a fab weekend!

    The Year 2 Team

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