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What we've been learning about:

    Posted on
    Dec 2018

    tweet 4.12.18

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    Posted on
    Nov 2018


    Dear friends and families, 
    In-line with the rest of the school, we are switching our weekly blog to a Twitter account.
    This will mean we can keep you all up-to-date and instant!
    Below is the link, please follow us, comment and likes our posts! 


    Here's today's tweet; 

    Many thanks, 

    the Year Two team 

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    Posted on
    Nov 2018

    Friday 9th November

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    Posted on
    Oct 2018

    19th October 2018

    Dear friends and families, 

    We've had a very busy few weeks... 

    Take a look at some of the things we've been up to! 

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    Posted on
    Sep 2018

    28th September 2018

    Hello friends and families of Y2!

    We've had a fab week of learning here at Bradway. Our Y2 classes are flourishing and showing us their very best. Keep up the good work everyone! 
    In Maths we have continued to explore 2 digit numbers and place value. We've also worked on comparing numbers - see if your child can tell you more.

    In literacy we have compared traditional tales, explored verbs and exclamations. Next week we will be starting to write descriptions of Pudding Lane just before the Great fire of London starts. 

    Both classes continue to impress us with their knowledge and enthusiasm for topic, science, RE, PE, music, art... the list goes on! 

    Have a super weekend, 

    The Year Two Team

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