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What we've been learning about:

    Posted on
    Mar 2018

    Friday 16th March

    What a week!

    Have a fab weekend!

    The Year 2 team

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    Posted on
    Mar 2018

    Friday 9th March 2018

    Dear friends and families, 

    After last week's disruptive weather, the Year Twos have shown incredible determination to work hard this week. We understand it's been an unsettled start to our half-term and appreciate how mature our classes have been in their approach to learning. 

    This week we finished our topic of fractions in Maths, which means next week we will begin exploring the world of measurement. To support this please talk to your children about how measures are used in day-to-day living; everything from litres of milk to pounds and pennies! 

    This week the pupils of Year Two have been doing some sensational descriptive writing about the dreaded Miss Trunchbull! We are so impressed with the progress they are all making. Keep up the good work Y2s! 

    ~~WORLD BOOK DAY~~ Is rescheduled for the coming week. So, costumes may be worn to school on Thursday 15th of March

    Next week will also see our exciting Florence Nightingale theme day, on Friday 16th March. So much fun and excitement to look forward to! 

    Over and out for the weekend, 

    The Year Two Team

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    Posted on
    Feb 2018

    Friday 16th February

    Happy holidays everybody!

    Apologies to parents in class Y2S!  Homework and newsletters were not given out - sorry!

    Please practise telling the time with your children over the half term - o'clock, half past, quarter to and past.

    Here's what we've been up to . . .

    Have a fab break!

    The Year 2 team

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    Posted on
    Feb 2018

    9th February 2018

    Dear Friends and Families, 

    Here's a quick round up of what we've been up to recently...

    In Maths we've been learning division by sharing equally. We've also linked our knowledge of multiplication to really help us work out tricky questions. 

    In Literacy we've been scrubbing up on our reading skills, as well as adding to our knowledge of our wonderful language's grammar system. Keep up the good work Y2s! It will benefit all our writing and reading. 

    In Topic we continue to discover amazing famous people who changed the world. See if your child can tell you a bit about Grace Darling, Thomas Barnado or Alexander Graham Bell.

    We had a cracking time at the infant Spelling Bee, well done you super spellers! 

    have a great weekend, 

    Year Two Team 

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    Posted on
    Jan 2018

    25th January 2018

    It's been a busy couple of weeks here in Year 2, with lots of hard work and determination from our fantastic classes. 

    Here's a summary of what we've been up to; 
    • In Maths we have been exploring multiplication. It's really important for our pupils to learn their 2, 5, and 10 times tables, so any practise at home is valuable and appreciated.
    • In Literacy we have been honing our skills in description by learning how to use a thesaurus to find synonyms. We've also been learning to write in character in the 1st person.
    • Topic has been all about famous people from history. So far we have had some great discussions about how Harriet Tubman and Thomas Barnardo helped so many people in their lives. After half term we will study Florence Nightingale in some depth, with a whole day of immersion into her life and legacy. A letter has gone out with more information, please return the slip to school as soon as possible.
    Just a gentle reminder to drop off your children on the infant playground and to let them walk around and enter school independently. This will really help prepare them for their school day and life in the juniors. 

    Have a safe and fun weekend, 

    the Year Two Team.

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