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What we've been learning about:

    Posted on
    Sep 2018

    28th September 2018

    Hello friends and families of Y2!

    We've had a fab week of learning here at Bradway. Our Y2 classes are flourishing and showing us their very best. Keep up the good work everyone! 
    In Maths we have continued to explore 2 digit numbers and place value. We've also worked on comparing numbers - see if your child can tell you more.

    In literacy we have compared traditional tales, explored verbs and exclamations. Next week we will be starting to write descriptions of Pudding Lane just before the Great fire of London starts. 

    Both classes continue to impress us with their knowledge and enthusiasm for topic, science, RE, PE, music, art... the list goes on! 

    Have a super weekend, 

    The Year Two Team

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    Posted on
    Sep 2018

    Friday 14th September

    Welcome to Year 2!

    We've all had a fantastic start to the new school year and the children seemed to have settled really well.
    Please tell your children that we are really proud of them!
    In Topic, we are learning all about the Great fire of London and comparing present day London with that of the past.
    In Literacy, as you may have heard, we discovered that a 'crime' had been committed in our school woods. We went outside as a year group to investigate and looked at the evidence that had been left behind. PC Blake, our local policeman, was unable to attend this crime scene so instead asked us to describe what we saw as accurately as we could. Plenty of adjectives in our writing!!
    In Maths, we have been learning all about the value of digits in 2 digit numbers and have also practised counting in steps of 2s, 5s and 10s. We have also tried adding 10 to any number - we know that the it is only the tens digit that changes and that the ones digit stays the same!
    A reminder that spellings will be sent home every Monday and children will be tested the following Monday. Please ensure spelling books are brought in each week.
    Another reminder that there will be a drop in session straight after school on Wednesday 19th September in Y2S where we will tell you a little bit about life in Year 2.

    Here's a little taster of what we've been up to . . .

    Have a lovely weekend!

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    Posted on
    Jul 2018

    Friday 20th July

    Dearest friends and families, 

    Congratulations to all our amazing students on completing Year Two! What a year it's been. We are so, so proud of each and every one of the pupils for the progress they've made and how much they've grown. 

    Thank you so much for all our amazing gifts, cards and presents. We all feel very spoiled and appreciate how much thought and trouble have gone into them. 
    We've really appreciated all the support and trust you've given us this year. 

    We hope you all have a safe, sunny and SUPER summer! 

    Best wishes, 
    The Year Two Team 

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    Posted on
    Jul 2018

    Friday 6th July

    Hi Folks!

    Another super successful and sunny week here in Y2. 
    Only 2 weeks left!!

    Here's a collage of our day out in the woods. All the children were AMAZING - so resilient in the heat. 

    Don't forget next Friday is our Picnic Day, Enterprise Fair AND Camp!

    Have a super weekend, 

    The Year Two team 

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    Posted on
    Jun 2018

    Friday 29th June

    Hi everybody!

    Here are some pictures of what we've been up to recently... 

    Thanks for everyone who came to support at Sports Day - our children were super resilient and hardworking in the heat!

    And a few quick reminders and dates; 

    • Sponsored run - Wed 4th July
    • Woods trip - Friday 6th July
    • Transition day - Thurs 12th July
    • Picnic and Enterprise fair - Friday 13th July
    • Y2 Camp - Friday 13th July
    • Trip day - Thursday 19th July

      Have a great weekend enjoying the sunshine! 

      The Y2 Team 

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