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    Posted on
    Jun 2018

    Light Week

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    Posted on
    Jun 2018


    This week we have been learning about shapes. We learnt about regular and irregular polygons and how to draw them. We also made 3-D shapes and learnt about their properties. 

    We have also completed our end of year assessments this week. Well done Year 3 for being so resilient!

    Next week we will be having a Science week all about 'Light'.

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    Posted on
    Jun 2018


    Bradway Primary School is proud to present the most

    magnificent and biggest

    collection of seeds ,plants and herbs you will ever see!

    Both year 3 classes have been working non -stop

    to prepare
      the most amazing display of plants for

    your pleasure.

    Could you live with your -self if you mist out?

    What can I see?

    Come and enjoy our:

    .perfect peas

    .super strawberries

    .merry marigolds

    .lushes lettuce

    .superb sunflowers

    .best broad beans

    .beautiful basil

    .crunchy carrots

    Is your garden dull if it is come to are plant sale ?

    Your garden will be the best so why not come to

    our plant sale ?

    Do you think you can make your garden even

    better than it is?

    Where can I see this?

    Come to Bradway Primary School go through the main

    entrance on Monday 11 th of June at

    2:30 pm and follow the signs to the solar shelter.

    We know you won’t miss out on are fantastic plants …

    We know you would love to come to are dazzling

    displays and bag a bargain
     . The children would love to

    see you too so please, please come and buy our plants.

    Blog written by Orlagh


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    Posted on
    Jun 2018


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    Posted on
    May 2018


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    Our 50th anniversary

    50th Anniversary

    An Introduction to Bradway Primary

    Selected Quotes

    "The school is brilliant at bringing the curriculum to life. For example, the kids thoroughly enjoy re-enacting history which really helps to embed their learning." - Parent Quote