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What we've been learning about:

    Posted on
    Jun 2017

    The Biggest Garden Centre in Sheffield by Joshua Sleaford

    Bradway Primary School is proud to present the most amazing collection of plants, flowers, herbs, and seedlings you will ever see!
    The Y3 classes have been working their hardest to prepare the most amazing plant sale.
    The children are proud of their fantastic work. It will be the largest plant sale ever!

    What can I see?
    Come and enjoy our:

    • brilliant broad beans
    • jazzy geranium
    • stunning sunflowers
    • perfect peas
    • pretty petunias
    • fantastic fuschias

        • Are you the best gardener in your family?
          Are you a plant lover?
          Are you sick of a plain old garden?
          If not, come and learn about gardening.

          Where can I see this?

          Treat yourself and come and buy our perfect plants at 2:30pm  on Monday 26th June 2017 at Bradway Primary School. At the main entrance, follow the signs.
          Surely, you will come, won't you?  


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    Posted on
    Jun 2017

    The Greatest Plant Sale Ever Seen in Sheffield by Joshua Stork

    Bradway Primary School is happy to present the most amazing and greatest plant sale. We have seedlings and so many more things that you will want to see. The Year 3 classes are working their hardest to make the greatest garden centre ever. 

    Could you live with yourself if you missed out on this opportunity?

    What Can I See?

    Come and enjoy our:
    • healthy herbs
    • magnificent marigolds
    • fantastic fushia
    • perfect pansies

    Do you like plants?
    Have you got a grubby garden?
    Do you have a big garden?
    Come and see our best plants just for you?
    Our plants are the best because they are grown with care.

    Where Can I See This?

    Treat yourself and come and buy our magnificent and colourful plants and flowers. 
    Please buy our plants at 2.30pm on Monday 26th June to avoid disappointment.
    Come through the main entrance and follow the signs to our garden centre.

    We know that you would love to buy our plants! The children would love to see you there.

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    Posted on
    Jun 2017

    3-D shapes

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    Posted on
    Jun 2017

    Roll up, roll up!

    We had fun learning circus skills.

    We  have been looking at perimeter and shapes in maths. Can your child explain how we find the perimeter if shapes? 

    In Literacy we wrote and performed some amazing ringmaster speeches. 

    In Science, we have been looking at forces.

    We did an investigation looking at friction.

    Next week, we will be looking at 3-D shapes. We will be learning the skills needed to write a story set in the circus. We will be continuing with 'Forces' too!

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    Posted on
    Jun 2017

    Length and Circus!

    In Maths we have been learning about measuring. We have been estimating and measuring lengths. 

    In science we learnt about seed dispersal. We enjoyed looking at lots of different types of seeds.

    On Friday, we will be having our Year group round of the 'Spelling Bee'!
    Next week we will be writing a Ring Master/Mistress speak using amazing superlatives!

    In maths we will be learning about perimeter and shapes. 

    In science we will be starting a topic on 'Forces'.

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    "The school’s motto is ‘Learning Through Enjoyment’ and that’s in everything we do. That’s why everyone enjoys coming to this school." - Pupil Quote