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Posted on
Feb 2018

Bombed out!

First of all, a massive thank you to our army of volunteers for our torch making day. Secondly, we wish you all a restful holiday. And finally, here are a few photos from this week to show what fun we've had. Can you spot our time conjunctions?!

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Posted on
Feb 2018

Smashing super spellers!

On Wednesday we had the Y3/4 Spelling Bee. Our first time winner for Y4 was Faith Mountain, who demonstrated some excellent spelling strategies. Also, We thought it would be good to have a Spelling Bee for all those that use our Squeebles Spelling App. Charlie Tanser from Y4HO was the winner and we were very proud of everyone who took part.
Next week, we will be having a science week about electricity. It would be good if you could find out 3 facts about static electricity and be ready to present your findings to the year group eg pictures; models; or a practical demonstration, especially as you have no spelling homework this week.
Thank you for all the offers of support for our torch making event, it is much appreciated.
Have a super weekend.

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Posted on
Feb 2018

Evacuate! Evacuate!

Some children have been asking for the lyrics to our WW2 song Evauate! Evacuate! I'll Have some printed off for Monday, but until then I thought I'd put them on the blog. Happy singing!

Evacuate! Evacuate!

Friday night, city in a blackout.
Windows are dark and the lights are low.
Sirens wail, we go running for the shelter,
Huddling scared ‘til the all clear goes.
The Germans sent their aeroplanes to bomb the house next door.
It isn’t safe for children in the cities any more.
So get a shuffle on!

Evacuate, evacuate, the train is in the station, we can’t be late.
So grab your gas masks, don’t hesitate, it’s time to evacuate.

Saturday, standing on the platform.
Me and my friends leave the blitz behind.
On the train, chattin’ on the choo choo.
Where shall we live? What will we find?
I didn’t want to leave my home, I guess I had to go,
But how I’ll miss my mother and the way of life I know.
So hear the whistle blow!


Weeks go by, now I have a new life.
Strangers I’ve met: host family.
Cleaner air, but the cows are kinda smelly.
Wish that my mum came to visit me.
How I’ve got those home-sick blues, I really cannot wait
For the day the war will end. My home train will be great!
Just get me outta here!


It’s time to evacuate.

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Posted on
Feb 2018

Week 4

In literacy this week, we have written a narrative base on a story called Rose Blanche. The children's focus was to include time conjunctions. They were all brilliant! We drew illustrations first to help us remember the story and used these illustrations to write the narrative.

Thank you to all WW2 torch volunteers, however we could still use more helpful hands. 
During our reading sessions, we have been reading a book called An Eagle In The Snow: can your child summarise the story so far?

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Posted on
Jan 2018

Evacuee Day

On Monday we had our Evacuee Day. 'We lined up and each got put in different groups named as countries. It was a horrible time leaving mum and dad! When we went to different classes we had to tidy up, sharpen pencils, clean windows and do other jobs. Then we had a tiny lunch and went to play.' (Luella and Faith)
In the afternoon the children wrote letters home whilst still in character and we were very impressed how they were able to use their imaginations to put themselves in the shoes of an evacuee child.

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Our 50th anniversary

50th Anniversary

An Introduction to Bradway Primary

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"It's really fun and a good place to be, I really like the teachers because they make learning fun." - Elva, Y3