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Posted on
Apr 2018

Learning in the sun

Thank goodness the sun came out! We started our Steel City topic this week about Sheffield, its rivers and position in the country. With this as our inspiration, we took art outside and started to design our Steel City patterns. Remember kids, if you want to research anything about Sheffield to help with your design please do so and bring it in next week!
We are visiting the mosque on Wednesday so please make sure permission slips etc have been returned to school.
This week in literacy, we have been learning all about ISPACED. Ask the children if they can explain this to you.
Maths has been all about decimal fractions and vulgar fractions. We ended this week dividing a 2 digit number by 10 to leave a decimal and then asked the children if they could convert it into a vulgar fraction.
Enjoy the weather and have a fantastic weekend. See you on Moday.

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Posted on
Mar 2018

Happy Easter

Many thanks to all who have helped this term and made our learning fun and memorable. Next term we will start our Sheffield topic. If you know of any steel workers who would be happy to come in and talk to the children please let us know. Make do & mend was a huge success. Sadly, one toy was left behind but don't worry we've kept it safe. Please don't forget to complete your conversion booklets! Happy Easter to all and enjoy the break. Y4.
Happy Easter. Y4.

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Posted on
Mar 2018

VE Day

The end of the war at last! We spent the day celebrating the end of WW2 and learning about the types of playground games children would have played and the after effects of the war.
We were really proud of you all for your hard work and efforts towards the assembly and your confidence during the assembly, you did a great job.

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Posted on
Mar 2018

Girls’ Football

Also, a huge well done to the girls’ football team who won 3 matches at their first ever tournament! Lots of goals were scored and saved and parents were very supportive. We are very proud of you all 👍

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Posted on
Mar 2018

World Book Day

We were very impressed with all your amazing costumes for World Book Day - well done. The children have written some fantastic instructions this week, including how to make Scrumptious Boy Pie. They have tackled a very demanding new maths topic - division, and shown some great resilience during this work.
Letters have gone home about our WW2 Finale: please check your child's bag.
The children have come up with some thoughtful questions to ask our guests next week for the school's 50th anniversary.
Have a fantastic weekend.

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Our 50th anniversary

50th Anniversary

An Introduction to Bradway Primary

Selected Quotes

"We feel that  the teachers are constantly being creative with the children's learning, individual class events and whole school events alike. Making school life interactive fun and memorable. We feel that you guys have a challenging job but manage to succeed in providing great education whilst trying to keep all us parents happy. " - Reception parent