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Posted on
Dec 2017

The 1st of December already!

This week we have been looking at mental strategies and written methods of addition. On Thursday, we used our knowledge, and problem solving skills, to carry out an investigation. We had to build 'trains' using dice, but had to follow rules to decide where each dice could be placed. It was really tricky, but the children showed perseverance and developed their own methods of working.
In literacy we have been looking at how to punctuate speech, in order to include some quotations within our journalistic writing. 
Our Cinderella scene is coming on nicely, as are our Roman mosaics. 
Have a lovely weekend.

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Posted on
Nov 2017

End of the week 24.11.17

It's been assessment week in Y4 this week, and we have been impressed with the fantastic effort all of the children have put in. We went over the papers so we all know the areas we need to develop, and where we have done well.
In literacy we have started to learn about journalistic writing, and explored the difference between fact and opinion, and what bias is. 
We had a visit from 'SoccerEds' on Monday which was fun, and we ended the week working on our Roman mosaic designs.
As well as all of this, we managed to fit in some Christmas play rehearsals - you're in for a treat!
Have a great weekend, Y4 team


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Posted on
Nov 2017

Science of Sound Day

Last Tuesday we had an amazing time experimenting with different materials to find out which ones were conductors of sound. We tested Josh's theory that smaller/shorter objects make a higher pitch (sound) and larger/taller objects make a lower, rumbly pitch. After testing many different sized objects, we were unable to prove him wrong!

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Posted on
Nov 2017

What a thoughtful class

Hi all,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the lovely gifts that you have bought for me.  I’m sure they will help me to make a speedy recovery!  In the meantime,  I’ll leave you in the capable hands of Mrs Hawksworth. Make sure to  continue using your BLP brain muscles. I’ll be in touch soon,

Mr Stones

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Posted on
Nov 2017


In Y4 we had a great time learning the American celebration of Thanksgiving. We learnt about where it all began and how they celebrate it now. Ask us about some of the fun traditions! We made our own edible turkeys out of apples, raisins, cranberries and marshmallows and thought about what we were grateful for. We chose different parts of the turkey to represent the things we were thankful for. Everybody was very grateful for their families.
Also, we looked at the the country of origin of different foods you would find in a supermarket bag and discovered the contents had often travelled a long way.

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An Introduction to Bradway Primary

Selected Quotes

"As parents we put a lot of trust in you, as a school, to look after our children and you have certainly earned that trust and helped them to flourish. " - Parent