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Posted on
Nov 2017

Welcome Back!

Welcome back after the half term break!  We hope you all had a lovely week off, and have come back refreshed and ready for this very busy half term!

In Maths this week, we started our next unit of work - Statistics.   We have been drawing and interpreting line graphs, reading two way tables, and using our addition and subtraction knowledge to solve problems.  

In Literacy we continued to analyse persuasive adverts in preparation for writing our own adverts for our innovative gadgets next week.  

We also took advantage of our amazing outside space by going outside to draw the big tree.   We will be using our observations in an ongoing art project which will be explained to the children this week.    It was enlightening to see how many mini Monets we have amongst us in Year 5!

On Thursday we held our school Harvest Festival Day.    Each year group had its own theme to consider.  In year 5, we thought about and dicsussed the idea 'What happens when Crops Fail'.   We were impressed with the children's maturity as they engaged in discussion and debate about a very complicated issue.   In the afternoon, the chidlren choreographed their own rain dances.    The sight of all the children in the playground, dancing and leaping, playing drums and shaking rainmakers was something to behold!

Lastly, we'd like to say a big thank you for all your donations, which were collected by a representative of the Salvtion Army.  He was very impressed with the enthusiasm shown by the children in school and the generosity of donations.  Thank you all for your ongoing support!

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Posted on
Oct 2017

The Trip That Never Was!

Well, it's been an eventful day. Just not quite the day we had planned. Unfortunately, a tyre blew out on the journey to the National Space Centre, meaning we had to wait just off the motorway for a repair truck. In the meantime, the traffic police arrived to make sure we were all ok. They very kindly came onboard to talk to the children about their job and then gave us a police escort to the nearest truck stop so we could get off and the tyre could be replaced. We cannot thank the truck stop enough: they were so welcoming giving us a room to wait in, drinks for the kids and most importantly chance to use the toilet!  At 12 o'clock, we were back on the coach heading back to school. The kids have been amazing. It may not have been the trip we planned but it's definitely been one to remember!!

We have already got some provisional dates for another trip, Hopefully, this time we'll make it to the Space Centre. 

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Posted on
Oct 2017

Trip to Space Centre

On Thursday, we are off on our trip to the National Space Centre in Leicester.  Please could all children be in school by 8.15am as we are planning to leave at 8.30am.   Children need to wear normal school uniform.  They will also need a packed lunch.

Children have been told that they can being cameras if they want however these will be the responsibility of the child.  Please note that the children will be leaving their backpacks/bags in a safe area so if they do take a camera, they will need to keep it in their hands/pockets for the whole of the trip.   

There is a gift shop at the Space Centre, and children can bring spending money if you are happy for them to do so.  We suggest a maximum of £5.

We aim to leave the Space Centre at 2.15pm and expect to be back at school at around 4pm.  This is obviously subject to travel conditions between here and Leicester.

And finally, Mrs Iosson will be issuing the children a challenge:  Find a fact she doesn't already know.  This can be any space-related fact gleaned from the trip to the Space Centre.   Good luck! 

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Posted on
Oct 2017

Farewell September

What a busy week we had last week.    We started with the Betty Bus - some of you may have seen the giant, pink and yellow bus parked on the playground on Monday!  Girls from Y5 and Y6 went onto the bus in small groups whilst boys stayed in the classrooms and took part in activities with staff from the bus.   The aim of the Betty Bus is to encourage conversation and deepen understanding of periods.   The  Y5 children took part sensibly and were a credit to Bradway Primary School.  Children are welcome to ask us any questions they may have about what they learnt - both classes have Worry Boxes which can be used for this or any other subject.

We have completed our first Maths unit on Place Value, and will be moving onto Addition and Subtraction next week.   In English, we are considering how we make our writing more descriptive.  On Friday we had hoped to go on a sensory walk outside school however this plan was scuppered by our changeable British weather.   Fingers crossed for a dry spell this week so that we can get outside!

Children have been invited to apply to be Science Ambassadors.   To apply, they need to write a letter of application explaining why they would be a positive Science ambassador for the school.   The deadline for applications is Monday and Mrs Iosson is very much looking forward to reading the applications!

On Thursday this week we will be blasting off to the Space Centre in Leicester.  Please ensure you have returned payments and permission (either on paper or by ticking the consent box if you are paying online).

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Posted on
Sep 2017

Dear Diary...

The children completed their first Big Write yesterday - writing a diary entry as the main character from our book Stormbreaker - Alex Rider.   We are really looking forward to reading the chidlren's work this weekend!

In Maths, we have continued to work on our unit of place value.   Next week we will be using Roman Numerals and working with negative numbers.

In all the excitement of Friday, Mrs Crookes' class was sent home without their spelling books.   Huge apologies for this.  Children are welcome to complete this week's homework on paper which can be stuck into their books next week.    Children will also have an extra day to complete their homework - so spelling homework in Mrs Crookes' class can be handed in any day next week with Friday as the deadline.   If your child would like to complete the homework on paper this weekend, the spelling words for this week are:  

Have a great weekend and see you on Monday!

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