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Posted on
Jan 2018

Wintery Week 2!

What a busy week!   
Excitingly on Wednesday, we had pink faces and soggy socks due to the snow fall.  The children coped really well with the disruption to the timetable and we managed to continue our work on long division despite the distraction of snow outside!

In complete contrast to the weather outside, we have continued our journey through the Amazon as we read our book The Explorer.   We have all been enjoying the adventures f the children stranded in the jungle.   Ask your child to tell you the exciting journey so far....

On Thursday we had our second carousel morning, where the children rotate around three sessions:  PE (Mrs Roberts), Spag (Mrs Cowley) and Ukuleles (Mrs Crookes).    Most excitingly, we had taken delivery earlier in the week, of 30 ukuleles which will be used initially in Year 5 but hopefully, eventually, throughout school.    The children were almost as excited as Mrs Crookes by the sight of a cupboard full of ukuleles!   Feedback from the children about the carousel morning was overwhelmingly positive with one child saying "It's gret because everyone has a smile on their face and no-one wants any of the activities to end".   

The only possible improvement the children raised was regarding clothing.  All children get changed into PE kit as soon as school starts, and they stay in their kit until lunchtime.   At the moment, the PE sessions are in the Scout Hall, however the children do go outside for break time dressed in PE kit.  We have reminded the children that they need outdoor PE kit in school and that this is even more important given the new Thursday arrangement.  We would really appreciate you checking that you child has appropriate clothing in school for outdoor PE.

We have asked the children for their feedback regarding the Thursday carousel and would love to hear feedback from you too  - either comment on the blog, or send a message into school!

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Posted on
Jan 2018

A great start to the new term

We hope you all had a fantastic holiday.  The Year 5s have returned to school with a fantastic attitude. This is perfect as it ties well with our school value this half term, positivity.

In our literacy lessons, we have had some fantastic discussions on animal hunting to begin our unit on argument texts and begun to think about the organisation of the text. Next week, we will be working on our powers of persuasion and learning some sentence types that will hopefully pull on people's emotions.

Maths has been testing as we have begun our work on division and using the chunking method.  We have been really pleased with the way everybody approached the work.

Thursday was an exciting day for us all as it was the start of our new carousel morning.  The children will move round three lessons in groups made up of children from both classes.  They will take part in a grammar lesson, a P.E. session and learn how to play the ukulele.

We have also made a start on our new topic, Explorers.  The pupils explored the school grounds looking for information on different explorers.  We have also started our new reading book, The Explorer by Katherine Rundell.

We hope you all have a great weekend. 
The Year 5 Team

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Posted on
Dec 2017

Spies in Training

Thank you to all of our parents, who worked hard to support the children in celebrating the end of their Literacy unit with Spy Day.  The children came to school fully equipped for covert operations! 

All children had to navigate the maze of laser/trip wires in the classroom in order to get to their seats which they managed much more adeptly than the teachers!

After lunch the children enjoyed watching Stormbreaker,which is the book we have been reading this term.   The children had some very astute observations about the differences between the book and the film and which they preferred.

Once again, thank you for your support in this at this very busy time.   We, and the children, really appreciate it.

More photos to follow...!

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Posted on
Dec 2017

We Made It!

On our second attempt, we made it to the National Space Centre.  The children had a great time learning about being an astronaut in the planetarium show and creating their own rockets in the Rocket Challenge Workshop.  Some of our picture are shown below.

Not only did we have a fantastic trip to the Space Centre, but we have also been working hard on our rehearsals for Cinderella. It's early days, but the children are performing well, we just need to make sure we know all the words for the songs now!  As well as rehearsing, we have been working on our multiplication methods inMAths and punctuating speech correctly in English.  

Finally, we ended the week creating our own interactive Advent Calendar.  The children worked in groups to record Christmas messages, songs, poems and dances, which will be revealed to the rest of the class a day at a time.  If we can find a way of sharing it with parents, we will do so as soon as we can.

Have a great weekend.
The Year 5 Team.

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Posted on
Nov 2017

Space Centre - Take 2

Fingers crossed everyone, on Monday we will be attempting our second trip to the Space Centre in Leicester.  Like last time, please could all children be in school by 8.15am as we are planning to leave at 8.30am. Children need to wear normal school uniform and will also need a packed lunch.

Children have been told that they can being cameras if they want however these will be the responsibility of the child. Please note that the children will be leaving their backpacks/bags in a safe area so if they do take a camera, they will need to keep it in their hands/pockets for the whole of the trip.

There is a gift shop at the Space Centre, and children can bring spending money if you are happy for them to do so. We suggest a maximum of £5.

We aim to leave the Space Centre at 2.15pm and expect to be back at school at around 4pm. This is obviously subject to travel conditions between here and Leicester!

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Our 50th anniversary

50th Anniversary

An Introduction to Bradway Primary

Selected Quotes

"Just wanted to say a big thank you to all staff involved in Annie .  It was fabulous from beginning to end!  The children clearly had a great time working on it.  It really is a brilliant opportunity to be part of a big production. " - parent