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Posted on
Jul 2017

Science Week and Fun Sports Day 2017

After returning from Whitby, there was no let up in learning for the year 6s.
They spent Thursday working in teams to planning and organising their different events for the Science Picnic Event.
The children used their knowledge of Fossils and Evolution - learnt in school back in Autumn term & from the research at Whitby Museum - to create some fabulous activities for children and visitors to experience.
These included 'Guess the Fossil,' 'Create your own Fossil,' 'Find the Fossil,' (we lacked a little creativity in the name choices) as well as creating several informative stalls about how fossils are formed, an information section about Mary Anning and how to identify different fossils.

We also hosted Fun Sports Day on Wednesday afternoon and it was simply brilliant! The Y6s did themselves proud and created some excellent activities for the other children to take part in. 
Well done Y6!

We hope you are having a fabulous time up at Meadowhead and we look forward to seeing you all again on Monday.

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Posted on
Jul 2017

Wonderful Whitby

Year 6 are back from a fantastic trip to Whitby, ready for a nice, relaxing weekend catching up on sleep (though that might just be the teachers). On the first afternoon, we went to the Abbey and then wandered through the town to the beach, looking for famous sights on the town trail sheet. Everyone seemed to love the beach. Some went paddling, others built sandcastles or even played football. In the evening, some chose to go down to the arcades and some were lucky enough to win toys! Others stayed at the hostel and enjoyed the impressive garden.

Day 2 was unfortunately wet but it didn't stop us all from having a great day. It started with a trip to Whitby Museum, where everyone had to try to find the answers to the quiz sheets. There were some really interesting objects to see including lots of fossils. Later that day, we walked along the clifftops towards Saltwick Bay, where we stopped to try to find our own...and we found loads! There were some really good fossil detectives who managed to find really large and clear examples. In the evening, everyone took part in a general knowledge quiz hosted by Mrs Hatton and the teachers only won by one point!

The final day started with a trip to St Mary's Church which is situated at the top of the 199 steps down into the town. We listened to an interesting talk by Margaret, who told us all about the history of the church and why the pews are separated into boxes. Year 6 then had the opportunity to spend their money in the local shops. Surprisingly, most had remembered exactly where all the sweet shops were! We finished our stay with lunch at the youth hostel before setting off on the journey home.

The teachers were all impressed with the overall behaviour of the children and they should all be very proud. We hope you all had an amazing last residential at Bradway and will go away with lots of fond memories...

...now for sleep!

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Posted on
Jun 2017

Talent show and self-portraits

This week Year 6 have begun preparing for their end of year talent show/performance. There are some fantastic acts and they have all been working really hard to get them perfect. We are sure it is going to be a brilliant show. They have prepared a couple of songs for the occasion which are sure to get emotional, so be prepared!

In art, everyone was set the challenge of drawing a self-portrait in fifteen minutes with no guidance. Then, we went through, step-by-step how to draw a portrait with better proportions, shading and features. The difference in that hour was incredible! Have a look at some of the transformations in the collage. The children were amazed at how a little bit of concentration and setting out more carefully could result in such a dramatic change. We definitely have some budding artists in the year group!

In maths, we are finishing work on our theme park maths. Groups are now competing to have the biggest profit at the end of the week. They have decided on admission prices, how to advertise and will finish tomorrow with calculating their final expenditure and income...will they have a profit? Will they be in the red? They will then have a go at advertising in front of each other to see which theme parks would be most popular.

In literacy, we will be thinking about saying thank you to those who have helped us over the years as we come to the end of our time at Bradway. It is nice to reflect on the important role both adults and our peers have played and how our time at Bradway has helped us grow and develop.

We are, of course, all looking forward to Whitby next week. Just a reminder that we need you all to be at school by 8:30 on Monday, rather than the usual time, wearing clothing that is comfortable for a walk around Whitby when we arrive. You will also need a packed lunch for the day with a bottle that can be re-filled. Remember some of the most important items: raincoat (especially after this week!), towel, comfortable shoes, any items of medication (which should have been included on your medical form), pyjamas, toothbrush and toothpaste and enough clothes for the 3 days. Have a lovely weekend and see you on Monday!

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Posted on
Jun 2017

A very successful week!

This week Year 6 have had a very successful week!

On Wednesday, a team of 6 children travelled to Meadowhead School for the annual Y6/Y7 Maths Challenge. They had to complete 4 tasks, working together to solve them as quickly as possible. Some of the questions were really hard but they showed great resilience and made their brains work really hard. We were really impressed with the great teamwork they showed and how determined they were to succeed. In the end, all their hard work revising beforehand worked...as they were crowned champions for 2017! They beat teams from Meadowhead, Greenhill and Woodseats to the title. Well done.

Last night, several of the Year 6 children travelled to Woodbourn Road Athletics Stadium for the Sheffield City Finals after qualifying earlier this month. They competed against teams from all over Sheffield and far more teams than normal due to a cancelled heat. They performed brilliantly, some having to move quickly between events, and it was announced very late last night that the whole team from Bradway qualified for the South Yorkshire Finals after finishing 4th. Unfortunately, as these dates were not known before residentials were planned, we will be in Whitby on the day of the finals! However, everyone should be incredibly proud of their efforts in getting Bradway there and the Year 5 team will be representing us instead, so we would like to wish them the best of luck!

It has been another busy week in maths, with everyone working in teams to design their own theme park! They have been given a budget of £5 million to build, run and advertise the theme park. So far,plans have been drawn up, with decisions made about whether they want thrill rides, family rides or water rides (or a combination) and they are starting to look at running costs for the year. By the end of next week, we should know which parks will be successful and make lots of money and which (if any) end up running into debt!

In Literacy we have been working on activities based on Room 13, which we finished on Monday. Children have written a book review, thinking about who they would recommend the story to. They are now in the process of creating a leaflet for others which gives them information about how to defend themselves against vampires!

Finally, Bugsy rehearsals are in full-swing, with the dress rehearsal scheduled for Monday! We have also begun creating our end of year booklet and working towards the talent show. 
Phew! What a busy week! Hopefully everyone will have a nice, relaxing weekend!

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Posted on
Jun 2017

Room 13 and Statistic Superstars

Good afternoon everyone!

We hope you are all enjoying the new round of sunny weather?

We have been exceptionally busy in Y6 over the last week or so and many of the children have been involved in the fabulous 'Bugsy' rehearsals.
From what we have seen so far, it certainly looks like it will be a fabulous performance.

In maths, We have developed our skills as statisticians. We have used skills which include analysing raw data and generating percentages based on these. We started by looking at athletics data based on the World Championships which are taking place in London later this year. We looked at medal statistics from previous championships and then held our own mini championships to collect data which was then analysed the next lesson.
This week there has been a football focus in the maths and we have compared the data of both Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United to see who statistically had the better season last year. The children also got the opportunity to watch part of a live football match and attempt to record the data from the game in real-time situations. Some of the kids found this really challenging but persevered well and it gave them a flavour of the difficulties a data collector may face in their day-to-day work.

In science we are continuing our electricity topic and looked at voltage. Everyone investigated what happens when powering a circuit with a lightbulb with different voltage batteries. Everyone made a prediction and checked to see if they were correct.

In literacy, we have focussed on the the book 'Room 13' written by Robert Swindells. The children have written creative and descriptive paragraphs, drawn pictures, written diaries, made predictions and used drama to act out some of the scenes. They have worked really hard and seem really engaged in the story. We are looking to have the whole book completed by next Monday when we can then move our learning onto the next stage.

We have now selected our competitors for the first round of the Bradway Spelling Bee Competition. Everyone worked very hard in their quest to be selected and it was really tough narrowing it down. Our final is on Friday 30th June so watch this space...

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