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Posted on
Dec 2017

Christmas Performance

We have been really impressed with how well everyone has learnt the lyrics for our scene in Cinderella. We have some amazing singers and performers. Our ugly sisters have been incredible...willing to sing in front of everyone and they have done brilliantly. Thank you to everyone who has brought props in to be used and to you all for behaving so sensibly and singing your loudest. 

In lessons, we are finishing off our Christmas wish poems for Santa. There have been some very unusual requests: making sure dad doesn't snore, a wish that turns them into a fish, a new fez and a harp with fifteen strings! They are very creative and we are really looking forward to you all performing them during the week.

In maths, Mr Perkins's group are finishing off their work on fractions and Miss Svoboda's group are doing some lessons on shape with a Christmas theme.

Keep up the hard work...only one full week to go!

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Posted on
Dec 2017

More success!

The stars of the week have to be the sportshall athletics team who absolutely smashed their second round on Thursday, coming 2nd and qualifying for the Sheffield finals with Greenhill. Everyone improved from the first round and the baton changeovers were incredible! You should all be very proud. This means we all have to go and compete AGAIN in January!

Those who were not competing, took part in a very exciting science lesson where they got to learn about reflection by creating periscopes using cardboard boxes and mirrors. It looks like you all did a great job.

In maths, Mr Perkins' group are working on fractions, whilst Miss Svoboda's group finished the topic by looking at percentages. The children have also had a go at bar modelling, so if you don't know what that is, make sure you ask them to explain.

The scene Y6 have for the Christmas play is coming along nicely - just make sure you continue to learn the lyrics ready for the run-through on Friday and the dress rehearsal on Monday.

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Posted on
Nov 2017


This week, everyone started their Ancient Greek mosaics. They are not all finished but are look amazing so far! You should all be very proud of them. We hope to finish them over the next week and then add the grout to make them look as realistic as possible. Thank you to everyone who has paid £1.50 to make these possible.

We now have enough cardboard boxes for our science lesson next week, so thank you to everyone who has brought one in. We are continuing to investigate light, and this week discovered that it is light which helps us see different colours. Green objects look green because only green light reflects back into our eyes, and all the other colours are absorbed. This was fascinating for a lot of you! When you look through filters, it changes the colour and we used this knowledge to create secret messages for our friends using blue pencil, which could only be seen through a red filter.

We have now completed all the skill lessons for journalistic writing and will begin planning and writing next week. We are really looking forward to reading them already!

Have a fantastic weekend, and see you on Monday!

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Posted on
Nov 2017

Weekly round-up

Firstly, congratulations to the sportshall athletics team, who came 2nd in their heat and have made the final (30th November). We hope they do well and enjoy it.

This week, everyone had a go at making a colour wheel. We learnt about how light refracts when it travels from air through a transparent object. This means that the light bends and separates the colours based on their wavelength. This results in all the colours that make up light being individually visible in a spectrum (rainbow). The wheel works by being spun at a high speed, making your eyes see all the individual colours merge back together to make white. Everyone seemed to really enjoy making them. Make sure you show your parents.

In maths, Miss Svoboda's group have been working through the calculations with fractions and Mr Perkins's group have been tackling division. We are noticing big improvements with the times table test each week, so keep it up.

In literacy, we are working through the necessary skills to write a good newspaper report on the death of King Duncan in the Macbeth story. Today everyone wrote some fantastic quotes that could be included.

Thank you to everyone who has remembered to bring in a cardboard box and the money for the mosacis that we will be making. Have a good weekend

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Posted on
Nov 2017

A busy first week back!

After, hopefully, a lovely week off, Year 6 have been very busy since they returned! On Monday, they were introduced to their new literacy topic of Macbeth through some year group drama acting out the battle between Norway and Scotland. On Tuesday, we welcomed the Young Shakespeare Company, who were absolutely brilliant. Everyone was completely engrossed in the performance and many children had the opportunity to play a role too! Hopefully, everyone now has a good understanding of the story, despite the complex language, and will be able to write a superb newspaper report based on King Duncan's murder! 

Today was harvest day and Year 6 were asked to learn about Fair trade. It was a really interesting morning, with some of the children selected to be part of a management and marketing group, tasked with organising the production and delivery of confetti...the twist being that the rest of the children spent their time in our mock factory making the confetti in less-than-ideal conditions! At the end, all the workers received the huge sum of 1p/2p for their effort. It really helped everyone to understand how unfair trade can be and that we need to work together to try to encourage companies to pay everyone involved in the production of products a fair rate and to treat them well.

Thank you for a good first week back. We will finish it off with our spelling test tomorrow (as we ran out of time today).

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