Girls' sporting achievement and Reading Workshop

Friday 26 Jan 2018

Girls' football success.

Our children have been doing exceptionally well in sport this year but the Year 6 girls' football team deserves a special mention. They have achieved great things in the English Schools Football Association competition, first by being champions of Sheffield and then by beating all the other South Yorkshire schools to become champions of South Yorkshire. An amazing result from an amazing team who consistently put the team above the individual. The next challenge is to see if they can be champions of The North! 

Reading workshop

We were delighted to welcome at least 90 parents to our recent Reading Workshop. Teresa Heathcote reminded parents about the importance of being able to read 300 common words on sight without having to decode them. These words will be available on our website under 'Parent Information --- helping your child at home'.  If possible parents should read aloud with their children and talk about the book, making them think about what the book means.
She suggested that the most useful thing that a busy parent can do when their child has finished their book is to ask 'what was your book about?'
We were so pleased with the feedback from parents with one person emailing us to say: 'Brilliant and inspiring reading workshop for parents this afternoon at Bradway with Teresa Heathcote - thank you!'