See you in September 2020

Monday 20 Jul 2020

See you back at school on Wednesday 2nd September everyone! Here is the letter that went out to parents at the end of term. Have a great summer!

Dear Parents and Carers,

In this end of year newsletter, it is hard to summarise what has been an unusual, unpredictable and unexpected school year but, as always, it has been incredibly rewarding to be part of this school and its community. There have been many times when we have all had to do things differently and we have often had to think differently, in order to navigate our way through the constantly changing world we have been living in since March, and we have been helped enormously by the wonderful parents of our school. Even in the most difficult times our staff have felt valued, supported and appreciated for the job that they have been doing, and we are all incredibly grateful for your messages and the lovely gifts that have been given to us by the parent community.

Whatever the future holds, we can confidently say that, working together as ‘Team Bradway’ - staff, governors, pupils and parents - we will overcome the challenges ahead us together.

What’s happening in September?

Towards the end of the summer holiday we will be sending you another communication with any further information, or changes that may affect our school opening arrangements. However, we are hoping that the following plans will be possible:

The school day

We are returning to our usual school hours, so children should arrive onto school grounds and head towards their classrooms from 8.45am, with registration taken at 8.50am. The school day will end at 3.05pm. However, in order to minimise the number of people on our school site at any one time, we will only be able to allow limited parental access to the grounds. As is the case now, no parents will be allowed into the school building without an appointment.


Parents should not drive into the car park as the grounds will be pedestrianised to allow families to keep social distance during the start and end of the day. We ask you to avoid driving down Bradway Drive and politely remind everyone that there are double yellow lines to prohibit parking. Thank you for helping to keep our children safe.

Beginning and end of school day arrangements

 All families should use their designated entrance.Please continue to respect social distancing in the same way that you have been already. We encourage you to leave the site as soon as your child is safely in school. If possible please could only one parent do the school run to reduce congestion.

Map for September 2020


Year group 

in September

Access arrangements


Parents of the new year groups of FS2, Y1 and Y2 children will be able to walk through the main gates onto our playgrounds, as they have been doing already. 

Year 1

If your child will be in Year 1in September, please come on to the infant playground to drop off and pick up your child.

Year 2

If your child will be in Year 2 in September, please continue across the infant playground and cross over into the Junior playground, where your child’s class teacher will collect them. It will be the same place for pick up at the end of the day.

Year 3/4

If you have a child in Year 3 and Year 4 in September, you will be able to come through the main gates to the grassy areas at the front of the school where your child will be collected by their teacher at the beginning of the day and where they will be dismissed at the end of the day. Each class will be in a designated area with Year 3 on the grassy area with trees to your left as you enter the site and Year 4 on the grassy area by the car park. In order to minimise any crowding, we will be asking you to continue to respect our one way systems, entering school through the left hand gate and leaving through the other gate.

Year 5/6

If you will have a child in Year 5 or Year 6  in September, please do not enter the site at all; your child should make their own way to the classroom through the ginnel gate which leads directly onto the junior playground. On the first day of term, staff will be at the gate to help children to find their way to the correct classrooms.


Parents with more than one child

If you have more than one child, it is fine to arrive together and to drop one off and then the other. However please respect the one way system, as outlined on the map.

School office

Please do not enter the school office. If you need to speak with a member of staff, please call the office on 01142363723 and we will arrange access.

What to wear in September and what you can, and can’t, bring to school

Changes to school uniform and PE arrangements

While this will essentially be remaining the same there are some important points to note.

  1. There will be no indoor shoes, so please send your child to school with a practical and comfortable pair of black shoes or trainers that can be used for active lessons, including PE. If your child cannot tie their own laces,please do not send them to school with laced shoes.

  2. All school clothing should be chosen so that your child can be as independent as possible, with easy to use fastenings, elasticated waist trousers or skirts, velcro shoes / trainers, so that any clothing does not require adult supervision.

  3. Outdoor education will be happening more often so please consider this when thinking about clothing for your child in September.

  4. PE will be taking place outside to start with and we want to avoid children getting changed in school, so on ‘PE days’ children should come to school already wearing their PE kit. Information about when these PE days are, will be shared with you at the beginning of term, by your child’s class teacher.


School bags, lunchboxes and water bottles

Our overall aim is to reduce clutter in school and thus make it easier to keep clean so: 

  1. Please send your child to school with a small bag, clearly labelled. In recent years there has been a tendency for children to bring larger and more expensive ‘designer bags’ which are difficult to store. At a time when we need to remove clutter, small bags are essential.

  2. Children should not bring pencil cases to school; we will provide your child with their own stationery.

  3. Water bottles, clearly labelled, are essential, as the water fountains can not be used until further notice.


Bikes and Scooters

In order to minimise and regulate the flow of people around the school site, we will be asking pupils to leave their bikes somewhere on their allocated route into the school.

  •  So Y5 and 6 pupils should leave their bikes at the bike shelter nearest to the ginnel as this is their route into and out of school.

  • All other pupils can leave their bikes and scooters by the gravelled area, next to the school main entrance, where you will see bike stands, but please make sure that they are locked as this is not a secure part of the school site.


Other changes


We will no longer be using school bells to indicate the beginning and end of the school day. During lockdown we have not missed them and we hope that you will not either.



As has always been the case, toys should not be brought in from home.


Please do email if you need to clarify any of the above. For now though, have a fabulous summer break. Stay safe and thank you once again for being such an amazing and supportive community.


The Bradway Team