Friday 19th May

Wednesday 17 May 2017

We are so proud of the mature attitude the children have shown this week whilst carrying out their Reading SATs. Every single child has given their very best and they should feel extremely proud of themselves!

Next week, we will be carrying out the last of the SATs tests with the focus being on MATHS. There will be an arithmetic paper, which will ask children questions about addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and also questions on fractions. The children could be asked about halves, quarters, two quarters, three quarters and thirds - e.g 3/4 of 24 or 1/3 of 18. There will also be a reasoning paper which could contain words problems, measures, shape, fractions, time etc.

In Science, the children have been making grass caterpillars using pop socks and soil. The children will water these daily and watch the new grass grow!

Have a lovely weekend!

The Year 2 Team