A busy first week back!

Thursday 09 Nov 2017

After, hopefully, a lovely week off, Year 6 have been very busy since they returned! On Monday, they were introduced to their new literacy topic of Macbeth through some year group drama acting out the battle between Norway and Scotland. On Tuesday, we welcomed the Young Shakespeare Company, who were absolutely brilliant. Everyone was completely engrossed in the performance and many children had the opportunity to play a role too! Hopefully, everyone now has a good understanding of the story, despite the complex language, and will be able to write a superb newspaper report based on King Duncan's murder! 

Today was harvest day and Year 6 were asked to learn about Fair trade. It was a really interesting morning, with some of the children selected to be part of a management and marketing group, tasked with organising the production and delivery of confetti...the twist being that the rest of the children spent their time in our mock factory making the confetti in less-than-ideal conditions! At the end, all the workers received the huge sum of 1p/2p for their effort. It really helped everyone to understand how unfair trade can be and that we need to work together to try to encourage companies to pay everyone involved in the production of products a fair rate and to treat them well.

Thank you for a good first week back. We will finish it off with our spelling test tomorrow (as we ran out of time today).