Chilly weather - Hot Learning!

Monday 16 Jan 2017

Despite the cold temperatures which made their way to Bradway last week, the Y6 children remained focused on their learning and produced some fabulous work. 

We had skills sessions in Literacy which helped to provide us with the necessary tools to write non-chronological reports: How to write topic sentences to introduce a paragraph; the inclusion of technical and scientific vocabulary; using colons and semi-colons in our writing and using a range of different clauses.

In maths, Miss Svoboda's group covered shape and this included finding area and perimeter and making nets to build 3D models. Mr Yates' group took their knowledge of percentages to the next level and found percentages of amounts.

We continue our Science work of animals and their habitats and have looked closely at ways of classifying creatures - The Linnean Method. 

We hope this forthcoming week is just as good. Keep up the great work, guys!