Christmas Greetings 2016

Friday 16 Dec 2016

Year 6 are having a great, final day celebrating all the hard work they have put in so far! The morning was spent having some well-earned free time thanks to the incredible amount of Dojo points everyone has been awarded! Well done! We were also treated to a fantastic Christingle-based Assembly held by Joy from Greenhill Church and the Y6s performed the classic carol 'O come all ye faithful' beautifully.

As a thank you and gift for Christmas, we decided to donate on behalf of the children to those who are in need, as a way of building on our learning earlier in the term about fair trade and others who are less fortunate. Year 6 are therefore the proud owners of a goat, which is on its way to Africa, thanks to Oxfam. The goat will provide its new owner with milk to be used to feed their family or start a business (business training is also provided as part of the gift). So thank you Year 6 for helping other people.

We are now setting up for a brilliant afternoon in our Christmas Party!

Thanks to everyone for their support so far and we hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Mr Yates and Miss Svoboda.