Fairtrade Day 2016

Thursday 20 Oct 2016

Today has been action packed and hugely rewarding. The day began with Some of the children being 'headhunted' and recruited to the Board Room of a huge retail company. Their goal was to drive down the price they would have to pay for state of the art confetti - from Confet Enterprize Inc.

The remaining children were forced to work in the cramped, dirty and over-heated factory of Confet Enterprize Inc (under the watchful eyes of owner Gregroy ven Verkenharder). Despite the conditions, many of the workers put in great effort to ensure the confetti produced was of the finest quality.

When it came to the payments, some of the workers were disgruntled to say the least. They were outraged at the unfair way which they had been managed and did not feel the payment (of 2p) was anywhere near what they deserved. This was because Confet Enterprize Inc is an unfair trading company which does not have the welfare and well-being of it's workers at heart.

We then held a really informative whole-year-group discussion about What Fairtrade is and how it helps some of the World's poorest workers.

Discuss the activities we completed today with your parents/carers and explain what you have learnt from your day in the factory (or board room) and also about Fairtrade and the Fairtrade foods available in the supermarket.