Friday 24 Nov 2017

This week, everyone started their Ancient Greek mosaics. They are not all finished but are look amazing so far! You should all be very proud of them. We hope to finish them over the next week and then add the grout to make them look as realistic as possible. Thank you to everyone who has paid £1.50 to make these possible.

We now have enough cardboard boxes for our science lesson next week, so thank you to everyone who has brought one in. We are continuing to investigate light, and this week discovered that it is light which helps us see different colours. Green objects look green because only green light reflects back into our eyes, and all the other colours are absorbed. This was fascinating for a lot of you! When you look through filters, it changes the colour and we used this knowledge to create secret messages for our friends using blue pencil, which could only be seen through a red filter.

We have now completed all the skill lessons for journalistic writing and will begin planning and writing next week. We are really looking forward to reading them already!

Have a fantastic weekend, and see you on Monday!