Trip to Weston Park - 2016

Monday 21 Nov 2016

On Friday, we had a fabulous trip to Weston Park. The children were brilliantly behaved and represented the school very well. Each class undertook a workshop activity called 'Offerings to Athena' where we  discovered more about one of Greece's most famous goddesses. Can you recall how she was born (it was certainly a little unusual)? We found out how the city of Athens came to be named after her and which other god she fought for the right to represent the city. Can you remember and explain to your parents and carers?

We also had the chance to build our own version of the Parthenon whilst dressed as Greek slaves.

As well as this, we all got to tour the museum and undertake a Greek fact-finding mission along the way. We also looked at some of the Greek-inspired architecture that Weston Park museum has on the outside of the building: the frieze at the main entrance; the ionic columns supporting the stonework; the impressive patterns which surround the Mappin Art Gallery and the triangular pediments above the doors.  

We hope you like some of the photos and discuss them with your parents. We have additional photos from Miss Svoboda's class but we had a 'connection issue' when trying to upload them this evening. Please bear with us and we will try to get them online for you asap! :)