Tyger Tyger...

Sunday 02 Oct 2016

Year 6 spent the last week analysing a poem called 'Tyger Tyger' by William Blake. We used our poetry detective skills to look for clues to rearrange thepoem and did incredibly well! We quickly spotted that rhyme often comes at the end of a line and questions often finish a verse. We then used these techniquesto create our own poems about animals. We had poems about penguins and hedgehogs and even pigeons! Our final challenge was to perform them to the restof our class! Mr Yates and Miss Svoboda were both incredibly impressed with the poems we managed to produce. Here is a sample snippet:

Shark, shark, lurking beneath,
searching for prey for your terrifying teeth,
What monstrous thoughts run through your brain,
as your victims scream out in pain?

In maths, we have been continuing to revise the formal written methods and to be challenged to apply them during investigations. Make sure you have a lookfor the maths problems in the classrooms. Well done to those who have gone home and completed investigations at home!

In science we looked at birds' breaks and how they have adapted and evolved to help them survive in different environments - linked to Darwin's 'Theoryof Evolution.' We showed this through an example of trying to pick up little seeds is you were a bird with a big break (food tongues) compared to a birdwith a smaller, more specialised break (the tweezers).

Hopefully this week will be just as successful!