Week ending 07/10/16

Wednesday 05 Oct 2016

This week we have begun our new literacy topic - Persuasive Writing.
Over the next couple of weeks we will be creating a leaflet which we hope will encourage visitors to visit the place we have created/attraction we have created.
Today (Wednesday) we worked in groups to create a 30-second sales pitch designed to sell and everyday object. The sort of things the children we trying to sell we pencil sharpeners, a hole punch, a piece of blue tac and a water bottle! They used emotive language to try and appeal to their classmates and gain their votes.

In science, we designed plants with adaptations which could survive hostile environments and had to explain their specialised features. We learnt about plants living in specific habitats through a sorting exercise done in small groups. We used the description and evidence about different plants to match up with their habitat.

In art, we had our first opportunity to design a Greek mosaic using only squared tiles. This certainly turned out to be more difficult than the task first appeared!