Weekly round-up

Friday 17 Nov 2017

Firstly, congratulations to the sportshall athletics team, who came 2nd in their heat and have made the final (30th November). We hope they do well and enjoy it.

This week, everyone had a go at making a colour wheel. We learnt about how light refracts when it travels from air through a transparent object. This means that the light bends and separates the colours based on their wavelength. This results in all the colours that make up light being individually visible in a spectrum (rainbow). The wheel works by being spun at a high speed, making your eyes see all the individual colours merge back together to make white. Everyone seemed to really enjoy making them. Make sure you show your parents.

In maths, Miss Svoboda's group have been working through the calculations with fractions and Mr Perkins's group have been tackling division. We are noticing big improvements with the times table test each week, so keep it up.

In literacy, we are working through the necessary skills to write a good newspaper report on the death of King Duncan in the Macbeth story. Today everyone wrote some fantastic quotes that could be included.

Thank you to everyone who has remembered to bring in a cardboard box and the money for the mosacis that we will be making. Have a good weekend