Weston Park and the end of Half Term

Thursday 26 Oct 2017

Year 6 had a fantastic trip to Weston Park Museum to learn about Ancient Greece. Everyone took part in a workshop which told the story of the god Athena and how she came to have a statue to honour her within the Colosseum. There was some fantastic acting by the children chosen to take part in the role play! We all then dressed up and helped to build a replica model of the Colosseum, complete with mini statue in the middle. Great reciprocity was shown! The rest of the time in the museum was spent following an Ancient Greek trail where we had to find some Greek toys, a statue of Heracles and a painting that had been influenced by Greek architecture (much like Weston Park Museum's building has). We also finished painting our Greek pots and will be moving onto our next Greek art project after the holiday.

In maths, Mr Perkins' group have continued to consolidate their multiplication skills and Miss Svoboda's group enjoyed investigating BODMAS, Roman numerals and timetables in the past week. Literacy saw everyone complete their persuasive leaflet, using a range of skills such as imperative and modal verbs, emotive language and rhetorical questions. We will be moving onto our Macbeth topic after half-term.

It has been a long but great half-term and we think everyone has settled so well into Year 6. You should all be proud of what you have already achieved, with progress being made by everyone! Make sure you all have a lovely holiday.