Healthy Schools

We believe that children that are healthy, active and who eat well do better in all areas of their school work.

Our children in FS2 and Key Stage 1 are offered free fruit at morning break. We hope that by introducing this habit at an early age children will carry on bringing their own fruit snack every day. In addition to this we offer families the opportunity to sign up to daily milk each term for their child/ren. Please see the office for further information.

Our School Council representatives have collected their classmates views on our school meals and these have been discussed by them with a representative from Taylor Shaw, our school meal provider. This is an ongoing process to help improve the service we receive.

To promote a healthy lifestyle we teach about healthy eating and the importance of regular exercise throughout the school.These range from tasting sessions, sandwich making and also by providing a wide range of activities in the playground at lunchtime.

We have recently installed 2 bike sheds which we would love to see full of bikes and scooters on a regular basis, but we would remind parents and carers that cycling and scootering is not allowed on the playground and that cycle helmets should be worn.

You can download our healthy snack policy by clicking here.